Value of a General Agency
As a General Agency, BenefitMall partners with more than 125 carriers nationwide.
Value of a Broker
BenefitMall highly recommends working with a benefits broker when searching for health insurance.
Company Overview
BenefitMall is a leader - and an innovator - in employee benefits and payroll services.
Value of Payroll Services

The Value of Outsourcing Payroll

There are so many advantages to using BenefitMall’s payroll service – whether your company employs hundreds or even if you’re a sole proprietor. When you’re freed from tedious payroll tasks and the burdens of tax filing and compliance, you’ll find you become more productive and more efficient.

Here are just a few more reasons why BenefitMall’s payroll service is a great idea for your company:

  • Save time and money – Outsourcing your payroll frees you up to spend more on your core business. And outsourcing with BenefitMall can cost less than you might think –far less than our competition.
  • Don’t worry about changes in tax rules or incorrect filings. We keep up-to-the-minute with federal and state tax regulations so you don’t have to. With BenefitMall, tax accuracy is guaranteed, and we have a track record of 98%.
  • Offer the convenience of direct deposit – Your employees want the convenience, and it’s difficult to offer if you don’t outsource your payroll.
  • Your payroll expertise will always be available – If you have a staff member doing payroll, you’re at risk of that person moving on, and taking all that knowledge along with them.

There are many other reasons why it makes good business sense to let BenefitMall handle your payroll and tax filing. Contact us today and we’ll share them with you.

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