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As a General Agency, BenefitMall partners with more than 125 carriers nationwide.
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BenefitMall is a leader-and an innovator-in employee benefits and payroll services.
Value of a Benefits Broker

The Value of a Benefits Broker

BenefitMall highly recommends working with a benefits broker when searching for health insurance. Brokers are paid by the insurance carriers so their service to you is free. A benefits broker must be a licensed professional in the state in which they sell insurance. They must go through extensive training to earn their license and are required to continue their training on an annual basis.

Benefits brokers help individuals and business owners understand all their options and can often customize a package unique to the customer. They help determine the insurance types that best fit your needs and recommend plans that give you the best coverage for your dollars spent.

A benefits broker can:

  • Present plan options from multiple insurance carriers
  • Compare the pros and cons of the different insurance plans
  • Facilitate enrollment into a plan
  • Understand the continually changing insurance legislation
  • Provide ongoing service representing your needs to the insurance carrier
  • Review your insurance policy annually and facilitate renewal if necessary

An insurance broker makes finding, purchasing, and maintaining health insurance easier. If you are not already taking advantage of their service, BenefitMall can help. Simply fill out the form in the Find a Broker section of this website and, based on the information you provide, we will match you with one of our brokers.

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