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  • What Do Employees Think

    What Do Employees Really Think? Survey Results Are In

    More than 34,000 employees nationwide responded to the 2017 “Getting Paid in America” survey during National Payroll Week – revealing insights and trends into a number of payroll topics.

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  • Tax Fraud

    Tax Refund Fraud: How to Respond to It

    For many people, knowing a tax refund is on the way can be a big relief, an exciting treat, or both. And the sooner the refund arrives the better.

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  • Holiday Tips Blog

    Holiday Protection Tips for Small- and Mid-Sized Businesses

    With the holidays almost upon us, it's time once again for your Small- and Mid-sized business (SMB) clients to focus on protecting themselves and their customers.

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  • Employees Should Check Withholdings

    Employees Should Periodically Check Withholding

    Here’s a great mid-year tax tip for your clients’ employees: Review tax withholding to avoid having too much or too little federal income tax withheld from their paychecks.

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  • Economy Blog

    Federal and State Tax Impacts of the Sharing (Gig) Economy

    A recent Wolters Kluwer special report, “Federal and State Tax Impacts of the Sharing (Gig) Economy” examines the tax implications of the sharing, or gig, economy.

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  • NPW 2017

    National Payroll Week 2017

    Next week is National Payroll Week (NPW) and we want you to celebrate with us! Every year since 1996, companies in the payroll industry have joined with the American Payroll Association to observe National Payroll Week in September.

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  • Workers' Compensation Blog

    How to Handle Workplace Injuries While Mitigating Costs

    Federal and state laws require businesses to carry workers’ compensation insurance for one simple reason: injuries happen. Even in the safest of environments, it is possible for accidents to lead to minor or serious injuries.

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  • AZ Sick Leave

    Arizona Sick Leave

    Last year, Arizona voters approved Proposition 206, “The Fair Wages & Healthy Families Act.” This act mandates that Arizona employers provide their Arizona employees with a specific paid sick leave plan. Before this proposition, there were no laws enforcing Arizona employers to provide paid sick leave to their employees.

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  • Where Collaboration and Leadership Meet

    New Guidance on Small Business Payroll

    Small businesses may now choose to apply a portion (or all) of their qualifying research credit against payroll tax liability instead of income tax liability, according to Accounting Today.

    The IRS has provided details in a new notice that explains how the option to elect the new payroll tax credit may especially benefit any eligible startup that has little or no income tax liability. To qualify for the new option for the current tax-year, a business must have gross receipts of less than $5 million and could not have had gross receipts prior to 2012.

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  • Form I9

    Form I-9 Central: New Employer Handbook and New Rule Reminder

    The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) has two important announcements for your clients this month – there’s a reminder of a new rule amending Department of Homeland Security regulations and a new I-9 Employer handbook.

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