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Payroll Notice

You’ve Received a Payroll Tax Notice: CompuPay can help!

If you pay employees, and therefore payroll taxes, receiving a payroll tax notice from a federal, state or local agency is not an uncommon occurrence. Certainly, nobody likes to receive a tax notice, but when it does happen, our clients can rest assured that BenefitMall will work diligently to resolve the issue.

Our dedicated team of tax resolution analysts uses their experience and background to quickly resolve any payroll tax notices directly with local, state and federal tax authorities. They work on your behalf to resolve the issue, including requesting that the agency put your account on hold to prevent further notices being issued during the notice resolution process. On average, we resolve 99 percent of notices within 30 days – they are often resolved within 10 days!

It is important to recognize that our tax resolution services are included as part of the service we provide to our full tax-filing clients.  We do not charge additional fees when we intercede on your behalf to resolve any and all payroll tax notices you receive during your service with BenefitMall. That’s correct – the service is free to our full tax-filing clients!

What should you do if you receive a payroll tax notice?

Scan, fax or email a copy of the notice to your payroll specialist as soon as possible.  The sooner we know that there is an issue, the sooner we can help to resolve it.

What is the likely cause of the notice?
Our experience shows that the most common issues that result in the generation of a payroll tax notice include:

  • Incorrect payroll data provided during account setup
  • Back-dated payrolls
  • Payroll tax rate changes from local, state or federal agencies that are not communicated to BenefitMall
  • Payroll tax payment frequency does not comply with federal, state or local requirements

Once the reason for the notice is resolved, BenefitMall will communicate with you the outcome and next steps. If the reason for the notice is due to a mistake on BenefitMall’s part, we will take responsibility for paying all penalties or interest.


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