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Managing health care in the United States has become one of the hottest topics this decade. The challenge of ensuring that care is accessible and affordable for all has legislators across the country scrambling for a solution in recent years. The passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has put much of that into motion; however, in many cases, it has created more questions than answers on health care reform., BenefitMall’s site dedicated to providing ongoing updates on health care reform, recently polled its more than 2,000 subscribers and additional site visitors on health care reform issues. Some notable results from the poll found that 95 percent of employers, Brokers and CPAs are worried about the new PPACA compliance rules for 2013; 65 percent of respondents believe that ease of finding and purchasing a competitive health plan will not improve when the insurance exchange market opens to consumers; 44 percent were unaware whether or not their state was creating its own health insurance marketplace and 66 percent believe the health care reform law should be repealed in its entirety.

The concern from individuals is evident in their ongoing efforts to educate themselves on this complex issue. In addition to more than 250 posts related to health care reform, has provided over 500 answers to questions posed by its subscribers. Additionally, attendance during BenefitMall’s launch of its 2013 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act webinar series in February 2013 skyrocketed past 1,200. The webinar series, hosted by Executive Vice President Michael Gomes, provided insight and knowledge that every employer needs to know in order to be compliant with PPACA. One of the most published bloggers on the topic of health care reform, Gomes has provided expert testimony to various regulatory bodies regarding health care reform and the implementation of public health insurance marketplaces.  For more information on this webinar series please read the press release or infographic.

As the debate over health care reform continues, will continue to be one of the leading sources of information for the business community on the topic. For additional insight into health care reform, or to subscribe, please visit


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