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The New BenefitMall

Message from Bernard DiFiore, President and CEO of BenefitMall

In May of 2012 two great companies, CompuPay and BenefitMall, embarked on a new journey together. These two organizations, each with a vision for success and the commitment to achieving it, have come together and today we celebrate our union as one company under one corporate brand. We are BenefitMall and we are “All together, better.”

Our new logo combines the heritage of both companies while conveying our drive toward the future. While retaining the BenefitMall name, we incorporated the blue and green associated with CompuPay into the new logo, and then added an arc to represent a roof over us all, bringing us together. The arc also emphasizes that we have it all – all the right talented employees; all the right tools, technology and services; all the payroll and benefits knowledge and resources needed by businesses today. Our new tagline, “All together, better”, highlights that we are a single source for benefits and payroll, that we are united under one vision, and that working together with partners and trusted advisors, we are stronger and better able to serve the business community.

While building the new BenefitMall, we quickly came to the realization that we are part of something special and very unique. Our vision of being the fastest growing integrated payroll and benefits’ company began coming together as we came to understand the impact of our merger for both brokers and clients. The importance of being a single source for benefits and payroll was magnified by an environment where health care reform is accelerating the need to have those services become integrated.  Together with a network of over 20,000 brokers, CPAs and trusted advisors, our people, products and services are positioned to meet the needs of employers, and their employees and families as the future of healthcare reform unfolds.

The new BenefitMall is the result of hundreds hours of research into the reasons companies like to do business with BenefitMall and CompuPay. Although our two companies are from seemingly unrelated industries, we proved a common theme. We showed that access to the best employer and employee payroll and benefits programs, strengthened by tools and technology as well as supported by outstanding customer service, are absolute musts for our partners, Brokers and clients. As the country’s most complete benefits company, we are now in a unique position to meet – and exceed – the expectations of the market today.

If you are not already benefitting from a relationship with BenefitMall, I invite you to take a closer look at what the new BenefitMall can do to help your business, your firm or your clients. Explore, or contact one of our knowledgeable and dedicated representatives in your area.
If you are already one of the thousands of companies we serve, I thank you.  I appreciate your business and look forward to working with you for years to come.


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