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Tipped Money

Tipped Employees – Payroll Challenges for Employers

Payroll can be a unique challenge for businesses that employ tipped workers. Complex regulations that change from federal to state and local levels make handling payroll for tipped employees a complicated undertaking for many small businesses. By understanding government regulations concerning tipped employees, employers can take appropriate steps to reduce risk and ensure compliance.

BenefitMall’s most recent issue Insights & Innovations provides an in-depth look at the payroll challenges that employers face in regard to tipped employees:

  • Minimum Wage for Tipped Employees
  • Overtime for Tipped Employees
  • Tip Credit Notice Requirement
  • Tips vs. Service Charges
  • Pooled Tips
  • Reporting Tips
  • Tips in Excess of Minimum Wage

Download a copy of Insights & Innovations today.

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