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Are you Compliant with New York City’s Earned Sick Time Act?

New bill passed creates additional administrative burden for business owners

The New York City Council passed a bill requiring employees with more than five employees to offer at least five paid sick days per year. The new bill provides extra flexibility to its employees in order to allow people to take a day off to care for not only immediate family members, but also for grandchildren, grandparents or a sibling.

The new law will take effect in April 1, 2014. The law allows for business owners to have a six-month grace period before significant fines will begin to impact their businesses. With April fast approaching, business owners need to be educated on what to expect and how to prepare.

Employers may find new complications or expenses with the implementation of the new bill. The financial impact of offering five paid sick days, and the added administrative burden around tracking and reporting to maintain compliance, brings a another new level of complexity.

Today, business owners rely on their network of Trusted Advisors to help manage through the intricacies of operating their companies.   Working with more than 20,000 Trusted Advisors, BenefitMall helps business owners reduce the administrative burden associated with Payroll, HR and Employee Benefits, and relieves the risk associated with being non-compliant.

To speak to one of our New York payroll experts, please call: 212-631-9600 or visit and fill out a form. A representative will contact you on how we can help you comply with this new regulation.

For more information on this new legislation:

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