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Co Workers

Creating Healthy and Constructive Work Relationships for Any Business

Do you ever feel like you see your coworkers more often than your family or friends? In most cases it’s true! You and your peers spend several hours, several days per week meeting, brainstorming, swapping stories, grabbing lunch together, and more. Given the amount of time you see your coworkers, it’s key to develop healthy relationships that foster the growth of your professional future, team and company as a whole. Just like in a family, everyone has to do their part to create and maintain a constructive relationship, so here are a few tips to lead you in the right direction to building a beneficial work relationship.

  1. Sharpen your social skills – Chances are you work closely with a team, client, key stakeholder, boss, secretary or all of the above. In all of these cases you will need to learn how to talk with each of these individuals to earn their trust and respect. How you communicate and solve problems will affect your relationships positively or negatively.  
  2. Don’t point fingers – There may come an time when your boss approaches you about a particular situation in which you will be required to disclose sensitive information about an involved employee. Honestly share the information you know, but be kind with your words and don’t discuss it openly with other coworkers. Remember you are part of a team and company, and situations need to be handled in private with the appropriate supervisor or HR employee. Don’t burn bridges; instead build allies.
  3. Share accomplishments – Thank your peers for their contribution to a project, congratulate them when they succeed, and share their names as contributors to those who matter so they too can reap the benefits of positive affirmation.
  4. Keep your promises - When you commit to doing something or meeting a deadline, stick to it. If you have to break a promise, be sure to do it with a fair amount of advanced notice and don’t make it a habit or your peers will start to doubt your work ethic.
  5. Keep the gossip at bay – As you create tight-knit friendships with your co-workers, it becomes easy to tell them too much – your criticisms of a particular employee, your complaints about a new assignment, and your issues with your boss. Address your concerns head-on with the source rather than gossip to your co-workers.

If you are interested in learning more about how to build lasting, effective relationships in your work place, take a look at the following articles listed below. Each of these articles provide further details about with whom it’s important to develop strong relationships, why it’s important and how to handle peers with whom you don’t naturally get along.

Solid work relationships create trust, innovation, positive communication, teams and an overall happier work environment. Healthy work environments should in turn generate low turnover rate, happy employees and successful companies. Therefore it’s worth your time to establish a good work relationship, since it benefits all.

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