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If you are looking for an all inclusive, yet simple to use library of information where you can find all things related to human resources and benefits, look no further. BenefitMall offers a full line of tools and products useful to you and your clients, one of which is our very own personal HR Resource Center. This online resource is complete with a database full of knowledge and answers to your questions.

In general, when you navigate through BenefitMall’s HR Resource Center, you will find information related to the following:

  • HR Administration Issues – Locate anything and everything that could potentially become an HR risk to your employees, employers or business in BenefitMall’s library of material.
  • Labor Market Competition – Chances are your company is not the only one in its industry; therefore, there is bound to be some competition. How do you make yourself stand out? Check out how to revamp your recruitment, improve your interview process and create the best benefit design impressive to job seekers.
  • HR and Benefits Compliance – How does one keep up with all the changing health care laws and regulations? Find documents to help you remain in compliance with labor laws, regulations and employee disclosure documentation.

BenefitMall also provides our valued associates with a Manager Help Line through our partnership with HR360. If you have any questions or concerns over an HR situation, you can call the help line to speak to a HR consultant expert, live. These experienced individuals know everything from employment laws, to discrimination issues, to interviewing questions.  BenefitMall has compiled a list of topics most commonly discussed on the Manager Help Line:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Counseling with employees about policy violations
  • Damage to company property
  • Discharge for cause
  • Discrimination allegations
  • Drug and alcohol problems
  • Excessive absenteeism
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Be sure to check out an informational tutorial on BenefitMall’s HR Resource Center, here. Plus, you can call on your BenefitMall Team to discuss all your options available through our informative, comprehensive online resource tool.

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