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Workplace Collaboration

Insights & Innovations: How to Create an Ideal Collaborative Workplace Environment

Collaboration in the workplace is an important part of a successful company. When provided with the right atmosphere, surrounded by positive energy and given the necessary tools, your team will work harder, work together and enjoy what they do. In the article, "The Power of Team Collaboration in the Workplace," by The Huffington Post, you will find a few ways in which you can increase team collaboration for the betterment of your employees and company. 

The article shares some interesting findings from a study conducted by Cornerstone On Demand. Overall, 38 percent of employees interviewed believe their company is lacking in workplace collaboration. When asked what would increase their desire for collaboration in the workplace, employees in the study said the following:

  • “Positive recognition of input shared (50 percent)
  • Encouragement from senior staff (41 percent)
  • Ability to easily share input with different departments (33 percent).”

So, how exactly do you get your employees to begin to work together more? How do you create an environment that fosters collaboration? How do you make the changes that employees requested? The Huffington Post article lists four great tips to help get your company well on its way to creating cohesion among your team. 

To read more, download your complimentary copy of Insights & Innovations: How to Create An Ideal Collaborative Workplace Environment today.


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