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What Is Google My Business and How Can I Use It?

When you are searching for a business or store’s location, hours, menu, website, etc., where do you turn to for your information? Many people nowadays use their phone, computer or tablet to search Google for the information they need. Usually the search populates several pages of feedback giving you everything and more than you need to answer your question. Do you ever wonder how these businesses make it on the first few pages of Google, how their location information is updated on Google maps, or how employers manage positive and negative customer reviews? If you are looking to make your business more “Google-known,” you may want to venture into the world of Google My Business.

What is Google My Business?

If you have yet to experience the positive effects Google can have on your company, Google My Business is for you. Google My Business is “a one-stop shop to update … business information, add photos, read reviews and, of course, use Google+,” states the article, “Google Introduces “Google My Business” a New One-Stop Shop To Help Business Get Found Online,” by Targeted at companies new to using Google to increase customer traffic, Google My Business is easy to set up, navigate and manage. Veteran Google customers accustom to using Places for Business or Google+ dashboard will be transitioned to Google My Business.

What can I do with Google My Business?

The first step is to sign up. Once you complete all the required steps and verify all information, your business becomes available on Google. Specifically, here are a few features of Google My Business:

  • Access company information via Google Search, Google Maps and Google+
  • Use any device (phones, computers, tablets, etc.) to find the same company information
  • Upload photos or virtual tours
  • Evaluate and respond to customer reviews
  • Update and maintain addresses, phone numbers, store hours and more
  • Share company news and events with customers using Google+

And better yet, by using Google My Business, employers can learn what leads customers to their company when they run a Google Search. With AdWords Express, the article states, “business owners (will) better understand how people are finding their business on Google, what they’re clicking on, where they’re coming from when clicking on directions, and other trends over time.” AdWords Express tracks clicks, views and driving directions. With this information employers can better target specific customers and learn more about their customer’s needs.

Google My Business is free.  With very little time spent maintaining a company profile, and the ability to better understand your customers, Google My Business can help your company thrive, no matter the size.

BenefitMall delivers the nation’s largest integrated portfolio of payroll services, human resources and benefits.  To learn more about BenefitMall, contact us today! 

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