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A69 Makes Things Hazy for Your Clients

Amendment 69 Makes Things Hazy for Your Clients

The sweeping healthcare scheme on the November ballot in Colorado provides few details on how the plan would take shape – and leaves voters with little clarity.

As a broker, you are probably aware that Amendment 69 would virtually eliminate the health insurance business in Colorado. But the proposed legislation is vague and raises many questions. Let’s take a look at what we know (and don’t know) about Amendment 69.

We know all Coloradans lose their current plans. We don’t know what would replace that coverage.

Amendment 69 would push out private insurance in favor of government-administered health care. New benefits and providers are not specified. Amendment 69 would leave employees with uncertainty about the health of their families.

A huge and immediate tax hike would give Colorado the highest taxes in the nation! And there’s no limit on new taxes after that.

Employers and employees would bear the cost of this plan – an estimated $25 billion in the first year alone. Yet the 10 percent in taxes outlined in the amendment is just the beginning. The language makes it clear that there is no cap on how high the price can go. It calls for “increasing these tax rates when ColoradoCare begins making health care payments.” Colorado can’t afford this.

A 21-member board will make all the health care decisions. But who are they?

A board of trustees would run ColoradoCare with no accountability to the Governor or legislature. This board of unknowns would call all the shots, but there are no requirements for experience in health care, no guarantee of political balance and no authority to recall these members. Decisions about health care are too important to leave to inexperienced unknown politicians.

Get more facts and create awareness with your clients.

This proposal for a massive, government-run health care system is sure to cause concern among your clients and their employees. The Coloradans for Coloradans website is one place you can send them for information. You can also forward, post and distribute this fact sheet to help spread the word about why Amendment 69 is wrong for Colorado employees, families and businesses. 

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