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NPW 2017

National Payroll Week 2017

National Payroll Week 2017

Next week is National Payroll Week (NPW) and we want you to celebrate with us! Every year since 1996, companies in the payroll industry have joined with the American Payroll Association to observe National Payroll Week in September. This year’s observance runs from September 4-8 with the theme “America Works Because We’re Working for America.”


According to the American Payroll Association, this year’s observance will honor the 150 million workers who earn more than enough to send the U.S. Treasury 67 percent of the federal government’s total revenues for the year.


BenefitMall is a proud leader of the payroll industry in America and is excited to participate in this annual observance. The celebration of NPW honors every American worker, the employers who keep them working, and the payroll services like ours that ensure everyone gets paid accurately and on time.


America Rewards Hard Work


It is hard work that generates the weekly and bi-weekly paychecks earned by the dedicated employees of our clients. It is hard work that entitles them to the additional benefits their companies provide. Without it, America would never be able to compete on the world stage. We are who we are because Americans are willing to put in 40+ hours every week to create some of the best products and finest services in the world. America rewards hard work and NPW is an important observance of that.


The unique partnership between employer and employee is what makes America’s economy work. Likewise, our relationships with clients enable them to focus their energies on what they do best while we handle payroll and other accounting functions for them. Together, we keep business moving in accordance with all federal and state laws.


Thank You for All You Do


We recognize the debt of gratitude we owe to our partners and their clients for their continued loyalty to BenefitMall. Because you trust us to partner with you, we are able to continue offering high quality payroll and benefit services affecting millions of workers around the country.


Join Us in Celebrating!


You can learn more by visiting the American Payroll Association website where you’ll find helpful information; including ways to celebrate! The site also contains links allowing you to:

  • Take an NPW survey
  • Become an official NPW supporter
  • Enter this year's NPW contest
  • View an important payroll documentary
  • And more!
We hope you will get involved with this year's observance and look forward to many more years of partnership!



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