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What Do Employees Think

What Do Employees Really Think? Survey Results Are In

What Do Employees Really Think? Survey Results Are In

More than 34,000 employees nationwide responded to the 2017 "Getting Paid in America" survey during National Payroll Week - revealing insights and trends into a number of payroll topics. 


Among the survey's findings was information indicating most employees would have difficulty making ends meet without an on-time paycheck. Here's a look:


How difficult would it be to meet your current financial obligations if your next paycheck were delayed for a week? 

  • 37.30% - Very difficult
  • 33.78% - Somewhat difficult
  • 16.21% - Not very difficult
  • 11.62% - Not at all difficult
  • 1.09% - Don't know
  • Respondents showed a high degree of trust in payroll accuracy – 59.66% said they were “very certain” their withholding and net pay are correct each payday.


    When it comes to tax refunds, employees were split. When the survey put the question of whether they’d rather have a large tax refund or the extra money in each paycheck throughout the year, about 44% would prefer a large refund and about 48% said they’d rather have more in each check. Find out how the respondents would spend their refunds – or extra pay – in the complete results.


    Over 93% of respondents receive their pay via direct deposit and over 82% say their employer provides an employee self-service portal where they can access pay and benefits information online. If your clients do not currently offer direct deposit or an employee self-service portal, BenefitMall can help. We provide both services and can add them to their existing payroll system.


    The survey covered a range of other topics, including how employees feel about self-service portals, mobile banking apps, the minimum wage and more. Read the full coverage here, and watch for National Payroll Week to come around again in September 2018.


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