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  • Taxes Writing

    Good News! Insurance Premium Increases Slowing Down in 2014

    As we can expect, health care costs increase in 2014, which in turn means a growth in rate for employees covered by their employers. However, the good news is, the rise in premiums is not as extreme as it has been in the past.  Let’s take a look at the changes we can expect to see in regards to health care cost as well as how employers are helping to lower the increase in premiums for employees.  

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  • Co Workers

    Creating Healthy and Constructive Work Relationships for Any Business

    Do you ever feel like you see your coworkers more often than your family or friends? In most cases it’s true! You and your peers spend several hours, several days per week meeting, brainstorming, swapping stories, grabbing lunch together, and more. Given the amount of time you see your coworkers, it’s key to develop healthy relationships that foster the growth of your professional future, team and company as a whole. Just like in a family, everyone has to do their part to create and maintain a constructive relationship, so here are a few tips to lead you in the right direction to building a beneficial work relationship.

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  • Calculator

    Insights & Innovations: Tax Deductions and Credits

    Tax season is well underway and for many businesses it can be a stressful time. Number crunching, audits and the possibility of owing money can all lead to procrastination, which alone is another cause for stress. However, contrary to all of that, is a possibility of reducing your tax liability through credits and deductions. To know if your small business qualifies for credits and/or deductions, it is important to understand them and how you can apply them to your specific business.

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  • Paycheck

    What payroll changes occurred in 2013, and what can I expect in 2014?

    Last week, we examined the role your HR department plays in handling the complexity of evolving federal and state taxes in regards to payroll, in the article “Is your HR department ready to take on the role of tax collector?”  However, taxes are only a small part of the job description of an individual who manages payroll. This week we will parallel that discussion with a broader summary of changes that occurred in 2013 and the expected payroll modifications of 2014.

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  • Pen

    Is your HR department ready to take on the role of tax collector?

    Don’t worry, it’s not necessarily true. But, what is true is that our federal taxing system is growing and becoming more and more complex each year. With complexity comes more obligations and most of that can lie within your HR department when they are responsible for payroll operations. Here’s how…

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  • Shaking Hands

    What Employers Need to Know About New Hire Reporting

    Nailing down the perfect new hire is not necessarily a simple process. You review several resumes, interview numerous qualified individuals and finally pick the perfect employee who meets all the criteria and, even more-so, adds a positive new perspective to your team. The hardest part is over; now for the paperwork, which is tedious, but required. As all employers know, Forms W-4 and I-9, as well as a verified Social Security number are all required for new hires. However, did you know that you must also report new hires to your state?

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  • Waiter

    Are you Compliant with New York City’s Earned Sick Time Act?

    New bill passed creates additional administrative burden for business owners

    The New York City Council passed a bill requiring employees with more than five employees to offer at least five paid sick days per year. The new bill provides extra flexibility to its employees in order to allow people to take a day off to care for not only immediate family members, but also for grandchildren, grandparents or a sibling.

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  • Clock

    Leave a positive lasting impression and don’t be tardy!

    We have all been there… late, that is. Late to work, late to join a conference call, late to meet your coworker for lunch, you name it. Being late at some point is inevitable, but is it excusable? In some instances, sure, but the more often it happens the more it begins to hurt how people perceive you.

    Let’s look at why you want to aim to be on time, or better yet, early.

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  • Payroll Pencil

    Ready to Hire a Payroll Provider? Here’s What It Can Offer You!

    Is your business booming? Are you adding to your team? Suddenly feeling like there is just too much on your plate? It’s true, there can be too much of a good thing, however, it doesn’t mean you have to downsize to reduce the workload. This all-to-common occurrence can easily cease to exist with a simple term - outsourcing. 

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  • Doctor Visit 2

    Understanding the Terminology – HDHPs, HSAs and more!

    If it feels like you are drowning in alphabet soup of abbreviations and acronyms when it comes to health insurance and health care reform, you’re not alone! When researching health care options for yourself or your employees, it is important that you understand what the abbreviations stand for as well as what the terminology means.

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