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  • Payroll Pencil

    Ready to Hire a Payroll Provider? Here’s What It Can Offer You!

    Is your business booming? Are you adding to your team? Suddenly feeling like there is just too much on your plate? It’s true, there can be too much of a good thing, however, it doesn’t mean you have to downsize to reduce the workload. This all-to-common occurrence can easily cease to exist with a simple term - outsourcing. 

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  • Doctor Visit 2

    Understanding the Terminology – HDHPs, HSAs and more!

    If it feels like you are drowning in alphabet soup of abbreviations and acronyms when it comes to health insurance and health care reform, you’re not alone! When researching health care options for yourself or your employees, it is important that you understand what the abbreviations stand for as well as what the terminology means.

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  • Money

    14 States Increase Minimum Wage in 2014

    2014 brings minimum wage increases to workers in 14 states.  Currently, the federal minimum wage rate is set at $7.25 per hour. The table below provides a summary of the new minimum wage rates in states that enacted changes for 2014. All wages listed are on a per hour basis.

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  • Man Writing

    IRS Announces Business Tax Filing Start Date

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced that it will begin accepting business tax returns on Monday, January 13, 2014, nearly three weeks prior to the date announced for acceptance of individual tax returns. Business tax returns accepted on January 13 include corporate returns (Form 1120), S corporation returns (Form 1120S), partnership returns (Form 1065), estate and trust returns (Form 1041), payroll returns (including Form 940 and Form 941), as well as a variety of other forms that post to the IRS Business Master File. This business tax return start date includes both electronic and traditional paper-based filings.

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  • Control Key

    Useful Excel® Shortcuts Using the Control Key

    In this day and age, it is difficult to avoid Excel® workbooks; they are an everyday tool used in almost every business setting. Excel is used for everything from basic spreadsheets to charts and graphs and has applications that run the gamut from accounting to list management and project planning. Although it is widely used, working within Excel can often prove challenging, but knowing some simple, useful shortcuts can make working within Excel easier to manage and navigate.

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  • Capitol

    2013 FUTA Credit Reductions

    Although the U.S. economy has seen improvement in recent years, many employers continue to pay higher unemployment insurance taxes. High numbers of unemployed workers, as well as the extension of unemployment benefits, have contributed to the insolvency of many state unemployment funds. As a result, many states have borrowed money from the federal government to cover the cost of their unemployment programs. Employers in states that have not repaid these federal loans according to established guidelines are required to pay additional unemployment tax through a tax credit reduction.

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  • Gifts

    The Basics of B2B Gift-Giving

    Gifts are common in the business environment. Gestures of appreciation, gifts help businesses strengthen relationships, connect with clients and stay top-of-mind with prospective customers. However, from a corporate perspective, gift-giving can be complicated. Although a gift is generally defined as an item voluntarily provided without legal or moral obligation or expectation of compensation, how the gift may be perceived by the recipient or others, tax implications, and legal ramifications are all aspects that should be considered before presenting a gift to a business associate.

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  • Couple

    Preparing Payroll for Year-End: Third Party Sick Pay

    Each year, employers across the country realize that they need to adjust their payroll data after their final payroll run of the year.  In a special three-part blog series, we explore the three most common adjustments that can be avoided with just a little planning. In this, the third issue of this three-part series, we explain third-party sick pay and the associated complexities of tax payments and reporting.

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  • Truck Guys

    Preparing Payroll for Year-End: Managing Bonus Payments

    Each year, employers across the country realize that they need to adjust their payroll data after their final payroll run of the year.  In a special three-part blog series, we explore the three most common adjustments that can be avoided with just a little planning.  In the second issue of this series, we review employee bonuses.

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  • Small Business with Coupl

    Tips for a Successful Payroll Year-End: Frequently Asked Questions

    December and January are very busy months for payroll processing. As one year ends and the new year begins, several payroll-related tasks need to be accomplished by employers.

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