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  • New-Hire

    Characteristics of the Perfect New Hire

    The beginning of a new year is a chance to create new goals, reevaluate and build off of the previous year, and mainly, start fresh. One particular goal that may be at the forefront of your mind this year is to add to your valuable team of employees.

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  • 2015 Taxes

    Tax Changes You Will See in 2015

    On January 20, 2015, the IRS opened its doors to allow taxpayers to begin to file taxes. Those taking advantage of the tax extension already know of several new changes taking place this year. If you are still working on your taxes, or haven’t gotten started yet, there are some important new changes that likely affect you, your employees or family members.

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  • 2015 New Business Start

    Starting Off Your Business Year The Right Way

    Happy New Year! Closing one year and starting a new one is exciting, refreshing and sometimes daunting. Maybe there are some new changes to implement, possibly there are some expected challenges and road bumps to navigate, or perhaps you are working to rebuild employee-morale.

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  • New Year - Fresh Start

    Insights & Innovations: Preparing for a Happy Business New Year - Tools for Success

    As we start a new year, now is the perfect opportunity to look back and reflect on your 2014 business achievements, successes and even some possible failures. Regardless of how accomplished 2014 was, you could always set higher, yet realistic goals, for you and your business in 2015.

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  • thank you

    How to Thank Your Employees for A Successful 2014

    Finding the right way to say thank you can be challenging especially to a group of people who work endless hours pouring all their energy and creativity into upholding their duties and exceeding expectations. These individuals are your employees. At the end of a successful and often challenging year, it’s the perfect time to show gratitude and appreciation to those you trust to grow your business.

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  • Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneurs’ Risks Support Small Business Growth

    Small businesses pop up left and right because of the tenacity, courage and creativity of entrepreneurs. These seemingly small companies swimming in a big pond with multimillion-dollar businesses, successfully create jobs, support the small business community and better our economy. And better yet, according to, 58 percent of small businesses forecast growth in 2015.

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  • Social Security Cards

    Social Security Number Verification for Year-End Payroll Preparation

    Verifying your employee’s Social Security number (SSN) is as equally important during year-end payroll tax preparation as it is when you hire a new employee. This information is crucial to reporting earnings and Forms W-2, which greatly affect an individual’s disability and retirement eligibility.

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  • Bonus Pay

    Year-End Tips for Handling Bonus Payments

    Each year many companies reward employees with bonuses for their hard work. This reward is in addition to expected yearly wages and is handed out as either cash or non-cash. Regardless of what the bonus is, employers must withhold income taxes. To help you ease your way into the New Year with less stress than necessary, take a look at the bonus payment tips below for information on year-end tax preparations.

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  • Stop-Loss-Insurance

    Self-Funded Insurance – The Ins, The Outs and Everything In Between

    Have you ever considered offering your employees health benefits through a self-funded plan? There are several upsides to creating and running your own health insurance coverage. Let’s take a look at the possibilities and learn how you can successfully launch a self-funded health benefits plan equally as comparable to any traditional fully insured plan.

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  • Sick Leave

    Third Party Sick Pay - Preparing for the End of the Year

    It’s time to focus on wrapping up another year. One item on the checklist is handling third party sick pay. This task can bring about several questions such as: Who is responsible for what? How much is owed? What forms are required? Let’s go ahead and take a look at all of these questions and more to help you end this year a little more stress-free.

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