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  • New Year - Fresh Start

    Insights & Innovation: How To Manage Payroll for Your Business

    As we start a new year, now is the perfect opportunity to look back and reflect on your 2014 business achievements, successes and even some possible failures. Regardless of how accomplished 2014 was, you could always set higher, yet realistic goals, for you and your business in 2015.

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  • Time & Attendance Clock

    Save Time with Online Time and Attendance Tracking Solutions

    Keeping track of your employee’s time and attendance seems simple enough, but surprisingly there is a lot more involved than just tracking time and attendance alone. Employers also have to consider recording vacation and sick days, and with several employees it’s easy to lose track of organizing each individual’s personal schedule.

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  • Section 125

    Potential Savings for Employers & Employees

    What is a Section 125 plan? How does it work? And, how is it different from other health benefit plans? Section 125 plans, otherwise known as cafeteria plans, help save money, potentially for both employees and employers.

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    What Can COBRA Do For You?

    Now more than ever the fear of losing your job, and the finances and health benefits that go along with it, is a very real scenario. However, the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) can be a health benefits survival kit to a previously employed individual and any dependents. Take a closer look at the many benefits COBRA provides. 

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  • Online Resource Center

    BenefitMall's Online HR Resource Center

    If you are looking for an all inclusive, yet simple to use library of information where you can find all things related to human resources and benefits, look no further. BenefitMall offers a full line of tools and products useful to you and your clients, one of which is our very own personal HR Resource Center. This online resource is complete with a database full of knowledge and answers to your questions. 

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  • National_Payroll_Week

    National Payroll Week - BenefitMall Celebrates You

    BenefitMall wants to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to our partners, clients and employees in honor of National Payroll Week, September 1 – 5, 2014. National Payroll Week is a celebration of the millions of working Americans, payroll processing employees and government departments who dedicate their time to making our country thrive.

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  • Identity Theft

    Identity Theft – How to Safeguard Your Good Name

    Identity theft is scary. No one wants to have be in a situation in which someone deliberately takes your name, your social security number, your personal information, basically your whole identity. Fortunately, there are companies out there that make it a mission to stop potentially detrimental identity theft events. 

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  • Unclaimed Tax Return

    How to Recover Unclaimed Tax Credits

    Filing taxes is difficult. There is the fear of an IRS Tax Audit and confirming that your taxes are organized, compliant and accurate. Then there is the rush to meet the deadline that at one point seems so far away, but in all actuality it creeps up on you rather quickly. And then, there is the hope that you may receive a credit, and just as equally, the dread that you may owe, a lot. BenefitMall wants to help make your tax season less stressful and identify the tax credits you are indeed eligible for claiming.

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  • Expense Reports

    How to Effectively Manage Travel Expenses and Expense Reports

    With the modern day ease of hopping on a plane, booking a hotel and renting a car within a day’s notice, it’s easy to lose track of work related travel receipts and other expenses. Monthly expense reports can quickly become overwhelming and be a hassle to complete. Many times employees forget to account for some receipts or accidentally get reimbursed twice for one expense resulting in a deficit for the company. Fortunately, with our advanced technology and partners like BenefitMall, expense management becomes less complicated. 

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  • Taking a Break

    Taking Breaks Makes For a More Productive Day

    It’s easy to get stuck on your to do list and push through the grind to get it all accomplished. After all, the very next day is a new day with a new to do list. However, by going about this same routine day after day, did you ever stop to think that you might be pushing your brain passed it’s natural working limit? Or, that your work is becoming subpar, or lackluster, even though the project is checked off the list? 

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