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  • Teamwork

    6 Ways to Improve Your Client's Employee Retention

    Recruiting and hiring new staff is a time-consuming and costly enterprise. As such, it is wise to retain employees so as to avoid unnecessary recruiting and hiring. But how do your clients do that? How do they retain employees when so many other employers are looking to steal them away?

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  • Enjoy the blog

    Employers Benefit from Electronically Submitted Payroll Tax

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  • two people shaking hands

    The Right Tools Make for Fast and Effective Hiring

    Stiff competition in the hiring arena means companies cannot waste time on ineffective hiring practices that take too long to put the right hires in place. Hiring in 2019 needs to be as streamlined as possible without sacrificing the goal of getting it right. So how do your clients do it? They start with the right hiring strategy and combine it with the right tools.

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  • Laptop with Coffee

    How Secure is the Data in Your Client's Payroll Platform

    In 2016, the IRS announced that a flaw in its 'Get a Transcript' tool was vulnerable to hackers during 2014 and 2015. They stated that access to more than 700,000 taxpayer accounts was compromised during the two-year span. If the IRS is that vulnerable to hacking, so is every U.S. employer. That begs the question: how secure is the data in your client’s payroll platform?

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  • Calendar Dates

    Payroll Best Practices for the Remainder of 2019

    Payroll is a constantly evolving animal. With every passing year comes a variety of factors that influence how companies process payroll. Sometimes those influences are the result of new technologies, other times they are regulatory. At any rate, it is up to you to adopt the latest best practices in order to keep your clients up to date.

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  • Small Business Week 2019

    Small Business Week – Celebrating Our Partners and Clients

    Happy National Small Business Week to each of our hard-working partners and clients. This week, May 5-11, 2019, we set aside time to celebrate the commitment, loyalty and hard-earned dollar of our small business partners.

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  • Two people shaking hands

    What is Applicant Tracking and Why Should My Client Care?

    Applicant tracking is relatively new to the payroll and HR space. Its relative age notwithstanding, applicant tracking is proving its worth in an increasingly competitive hiring environment. Assuming your client wants to effectively compete for the top talent in their industry, applicant tracking is something they should care about.

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  • Man on Computer

    5 Advantages of Electronic Onboarding

    Electronic onboarding is quickly catching on as the preferred strategy for bringing new hires on board. Once you understand why, we suspect your clients will consider going electronic as well.

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  • Agency Workspace

    You Asked…and We Listened! Agency Workspace

    For more than 40 years, BenefitMall has provided the Broker community with exceptional service.  Now, we are exceeding that service with cutting-edge technology that you need to succeed in our evolving marketplace.

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  • hand on keyboard

    IRS Warns Payroll Departments About New Scam

    New phishing schemes emerged at the end of 2018, and this one specifically targets payroll and human resources professionals.

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