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  • Where Collaboration and Leadership Meet

    Where Collaboration and Leadership Meet in the Workplace

    'Leadership' and 'collaboration' are two buzzwords routinely used in the context of improving the performance of a business by taking advantage of the contributions each worker makes. It is fascinating to study the concepts associated with these two words, especially given that business cultures can be so different. Yet the goal at the end of every leadership and collaboration discussion should be this, regardless of business culture: leadership and collaboration are most effective when they intersect at that place where they go beyond theory to produce real results.

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  • stethoscope, allPerspectives Blog

    Amendment 69 - Unhealthy for Colorado Business

    When Coloradans go to the polls this November, they’ll face a decision on an issue that could have a greater effect on their everyday lives than anything else on the ballot. No, not talking about the presidential election, but Amendment 69, or ColoradoCare, a $25-billion-dollar decision that would burden every business and employee in the state.

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  • SMB

    Small Business Week – Celebrating Our Partners and Clients

    Happy National Small Business Week to each of our hard working partners and clients. This week, May 1-7, 2016, we set aside time to celebrate the dedication, loyalty and hard-earned dollar of our small business partners. It is because of you, your employees and your clients that our country creates jobs, maintains a stable economy and generates new products and ideas.

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  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    What’s Next for the M&A Market?

    Last year was a big year for mergers and acquisitions (M&A), can 2016 live up to it again? Possibly! In 2015, M&A’s accounted for $3.8 trillion alone mainly due to big business deals. And, it appears as though the market is set up similarly to 2015, which could lead to another big year. 

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  • Clock

    How Small Businesses Can Prepare for New Overtime Rules

    Recently, the Department of Labor released a final ruling allowing more than four million people to qualify for overtime pay beginning December 1, 2016. Employees working more than 40 hours in a week who qualify as hourly/non-exempt should expect to receive 1.5 times the hourly rate to compensate for overtime work. 

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  • 2015 Taxes

    Where do you go for tax help? Find you strategies here.

    Whether you do your own taxes, use online tax software or meet with a trusted tax advisor to file your taxes for you, there are useful tax resources out there for everyone. As we enter into the final weeks of tax season, you may find that you have some questions, even if you already filed your taxes. What BenefitMall intends to do is provide you with a complete list of resources, websites and documents where you can go to find the answers to all your questions.

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  • Keep Tax Records Safe

    Keep Tax Records Safe and Secure - And Here's How Long to Keep Them

    Tax filing season is here, which means many of your clients will come face-to-face with years of old paperwork - and the question of "keep, shred, toss?" It's a great time to organize tax records so that they're easy to find in case they're needed to apply for a loan, answer IRS questions or file an amended return.

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  • Google My Business

    What Is Google My Business and How Can I Use It?

    When you are searching for a business or store’s location, hours, menu, website, etc., where do you turn to for your information? Many people nowadays use their phone, computer or tablet to search Google for the information they need. Usually the search populates several pages of feedback giving you everything and more than you need to answer your question. 

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  • National Payroll Week 2015

    National Payroll Week 2015

    BenefitMall is celebrating National Payroll Week to honor all 156 million incredibly hard working Americans who each contribute to our country’s economy, culture and payroll! Every individual working American is significant in the way our payroll system works. Without one of these important roles, the system would fail. Therefore, BenefitMall is extremely thankful to our loyal partners and employees, millions of companies, dedicated individuals in payroll positions and the crucial government departments that all make payroll a success.

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  • Trusted Advisor

    What Does It Mean To Be A Trusted Advisor?

    A trusted advisor is someone who has exceptional, targeted knowledge in a particular industry or with a specific product; one you can expect to provide unbiased advice.  While you presume all of your employees attain the same attributes, choosing an outside trusted advisor guarantees an individual who isn’t partial to your company’s inside politics and is an expert in one exclusive area. There are various reasons you may want to consult with a trusted advisor, but you aren’t sure where to start. Let’s review some qualities of a true trusted advisor, particularly health insurance or payroll advisors.

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