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  • Trusted Advisor

    What Does It Mean To Be A Trusted Advisor?

    A trusted advisor is someone who has exceptional, targeted knowledge in a particular industry or with a specific product; one you can expect to provide unbiased advice.  While you presume all of your employees attain the same attributes, choosing an outside trusted advisor guarantees an individual who isn’t partial to your company’s inside politics and is an expert in one exclusive area. There are various reasons you may want to consult with a trusted advisor, but you aren’t sure where to start. Let’s review some qualities of a true trusted advisor, particularly health insurance or payroll advisors.

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  • Medical, Sick Leave, California

    California Now Requires Employers to Cover Paid Sick Leave for Employees

    Starting July 1, 2015, California employers are required to provide their employees with paid sick leave. California becomes the second state to apply this statewide mandate, following Connecticut. This law, called the Healthy Workplaces, Health Families Act of 2014, which was passed last September, changes several Labor Code provisions.

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  • Thank You Small Business

    Why We Love Small Businesses (And You Should, Too!)

    Happy National Small Business Month! This month we celebrate the hard working small business employers and employees who bring economic stability, innovation and drive to the American workforce. There are various reasons why small businesses have such a huge impact on our culture, and equally as many reasons why we love working with small businesses. Keep reading below to learn why you should consider working with a small company for your business needs and how the strength of our economy relies on start up companies.

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  • EmployerFocus

    Benefits Administration Systems – What’s in it for me?

    In a recent study conducted by Software Advice, 89 percent of survey participants said that employee self-service online portals saved a tremendous amount of administrative time by allowing employees to manage their own benefits. With this overwhelmingly positive response, it’s worth taking a good look at BenefitMall’s custom-designed, benefits administration solution, EmployerFocus.

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  • Stop-Loss-Insurance

    Self-Funded Insurance – The Ins, The Outs and Everything In Between

    Have you ever considered offering your employees health benefits through a self-funded plan? There are several upsides to creating and running your own health insurance coverage. Let’s take a look at the possibilities and learn how you can successfully launch a self-funded health benefits plan equally as comparable to any traditional fully insured plan.

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  • Section 125

    Potential Savings for Employers & Employees

    What is a Section 125 plan? How does it work? And, how is it different from other health benefit plans? Section 125 plans, otherwise known as cafeteria plans, help save money, potentially for both employees and employers.

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    What Can COBRA Do For You?

    Now more than ever the fear of losing your job, and the finances and health benefits that go along with it, is a very real scenario. However, the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) can be a health benefits survival kit to a previously employed individual and any dependents. Take a closer look at the many benefits COBRA provides. 

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  • Solutions

    Three Common Health Insurance Hurdles and Solutions

    Are you one of the millions of Americans who kicked off 2014 with a brand new health insurance plan? Whether you receive health benefits through your employer, health insurance exchange or an individual plan, there are bound to be some changes, or surprises, included with your new policy. Namely, covered individuals find that their deductibles increased, their choice in doctors downsized and medications are more expensive. These are not small changes. So how does one handle this? 

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  • Writing

    How ACA Changed Health Insurance Enrollment

    On March 31, 2014, open enrollment under the new health insurance exchange came to a halt. As it is the first year to integrate this new enrollment system for health insurance, there is much to learn, review and revise. In the article, 

    "Five Ways Healthcare Enrollment Will Be Different After March 31," via ConnectedHealth, here are five conclusions drawn from immediate observations.

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  • Doctor Visit

    "Planning" A Visit To The Doctor? Not as Crazy as You Might Think

    New year, new benefits, new doctors, new rules. When it comes time to make that doctor appointment there are a few questions you need to ask before you head in for the visit. These inquiries will potentially save you a lot of time and money, so it’s worth your while.

    Here is what you should know before you meet with your doctor as suggested by Consumer Report News in the article, "Your Guide to the New Health Insurance Rules."

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