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  • computer with coding

    Payroll Security: More Important Than Ever

    The IRS calls payroll security a “critical concern” and has once again provided advice to payroll professionals on how to secure data, avoid identity attacks, create a security plan and report breaches and thefts when they happen.

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  • parents holding hands with child

    Maintaining Compliance with Paid Family and Medical Leave Laws

    Paid family and medical leave is a hot topic of discussion among legislators at both the state and national levels. The fact is that the United States remains an aberration in a world where most developed countries mandate paid leave for things like childbirth and having to care for a disabled family member.

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  • woman smiling at computer

    Open Enrollment 2020: What Your Clients Need to Know

    We are quickly approaching the annual open enrollment period for health insurance benefits. Whether your client provides health insurance or not, employees need to know what this is all about. They also need to begin preparing for open enrollment now. You can help by educating your clients about this important topic.

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  • man writing on paper

    Revisions to IRS Form W-4: Are Your Clients Ready?

    We have known for several years that a new W-4 is coming. The 2019 W-4 is slightly different from its predecessor, but the 2020 form is completely different. The IRS intends to simplify the process with its new form. Whether or not it works out that way remains to be seen. The question now is whether or not your clients are ready for the coming changes?

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  • Coding

    Are You Adequately Protecting Employee Data? Take A Look at the “Security Six”

    The IRS and its Security Summit partners – a coalition of federal agencies and private industry – have a new checklist for professionals who use, manage and store sensitive taxpayer information.

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  • National Payroll Week Logo

    National Payroll Week: Celebrating Our Payroll Heroes

    Happy National Payroll Week to each of our payroll heroes. This week, September 2-6, we celebrate the partnership between America’s employees and the payroll professionals who pay them, and the critical government programs and agencies that our payroll system funds.

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  • sign that says for hire

    Performance-Based Hiring: Why It Works in a Tight Labor Market

    Today's labor market is so tight that it is becoming increasingly more difficult for companies to find top talent in their respective industries. If your client’s company is struggling to recruit and hire, we have a suggestion: embrace performance-based hiring.

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  • Teamwork

    6 Ways to Improve Your Client's Employee Retention

    Recruiting and hiring new staff is a time-consuming and costly enterprise. As such, it is wise to retain employees so as to avoid unnecessary recruiting and hiring. But how do your clients do that? How do they retain employees when so many other employers are looking to steal them away?

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  • Enjoy the blog

    Employers Benefit from Electronically Submitted Payroll Tax

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  • two people shaking hands

    The Right Tools Make for Fast and Effective Hiring

    Stiff competition in the hiring arena means companies cannot waste time on ineffective hiring practices that take too long to put the right hires in place. Hiring in 2019 needs to be as streamlined as possible without sacrificing the goal of getting it right. So how do your clients do it? They start with the right hiring strategy and combine it with the right tools.

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