Insurance Services
BenefitMall's insurance services have an array of options available to your clients or business.
HR Services
BenefitMall HR Services are some of the industry's leading intuitive Human Resource Information System (HRIS).
Compliance Tools
Our value-added services for support of PPACA compliance.
Accounting Resources

At BenefitMall, we pledge to support the business objectives of our Accounting Partners - and us live up to our promise with a range of learning opportunities, resources and tools.

  • Insights and Innovations
    • A resource with industry topics, thought leadership, and tools. This great asset is customizable to send to your clients.
    • BenefitMall strives to be an exceptional partner to all our trusted advisors. That's why we created PartnerFocus, a web-based application for referring payroll partners.* Partners who meet the eligibility requirements will receive in-depth access to view your client's accounts, submit referrals, request client support cases, tracking of revenue streams and more.
  • Healthcare Exchange
    • Staying current on tax and regulatory issues is not enough - today, companies have to stay one step ahead. With BenefitMall's HealthcareExchange platform, you can weigh in, exchange ideas and easily share news on topics and legislation alerts that help you and your clients.
  • Payroll Resource Center
    • Federal Forms
    • State Forms
    • Calculators
    • And more...

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2019 Tax Facts

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