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BenefitMall Launches Client Ready Quote System (CRQS) Enhancements

(DALLAS), December 17, 2018 - BenefitMall, the leading provider of employee benefits and payroll services, today introduces enhancements to its CRQS. The brand new features will simplify brokers' quoting and proposal creation process.

The enhancements include advanced PDF and Excel outputs, custom content, plan recommendations, plan change indicators and an HSA/HRA Analyzer. Additionally, proposal customization, which includes themes, logos and custom broker content, is available for both PDF and Excel output. These proposal customizations allow brokers to brand proposals for their own companies. The plan recommendation enhancement visually recommends five plans to brokers, with additional plans available in the side-by-side comparison reporter. One of the CRQS' most anticipated tools, the HSA/HRA Analyzer, allows brokers to analyze current plans compared to HSA and HRA plans available to them.

"We always look to provide our brokers with the most efficient technology," said Michelle Sheffield, chief information officer for BenefitMall. "Some of the improvements included in this upgrade have been highly anticipated, as CRQS is key to success for brokers during open enrollment."

CRQS' features and tools will give brokers data, analysis and flexibility allowing them to provide their clients exactly what they are looking for in a professional, presentable format. PDF and Excel options can include census summary and details, table reads, member level rate details, side-by-side plan comparison options, employer contributions, employee worksheets and much more.

"We believe these enhanced features will make the quoting and proposal creation process more seamless for brokers and their clients," said Sheffield. "Listening to our brokers' feedback has allowed us to continually improve our CRQS while simultaneously giving our brokers the features they desire."

This is the second set of enhancements BenefitMall has released for its CRQS. Previous enhancements were introduced in September, including new design features, an Offline Plan Selection Tool and improvements to the side-by-side selection tool. The CRQS enhancements are now available to all BenefitMall brokers.

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