Payroll Services
Payroll services from BenefitMall make providing payroll to your clients easier and more efficient.
Compliance Tools
Our value-added services for support of PPACA compliance.
Insurance Services
BenefitMall’s insurance services have an array of options available to your clients or business.

HR360, a new Human Resources online library

BenefitMall’s HR360™ is the industry’s first comprehensive online library of human resource information, specifically designed for the small to medium-sized business. HR360's online library provides answers to many of your HR and benefits related questions - and it's so easy to navigate and understand. Inviting and simple to use, BenefitMall HR360 library features include employee benefits, healthcare reform, recruitment and hiring, discipline and termination, state employment laws and more...

Aim to simplify your human resources needs with BenefitMall HR360.

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