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Payroll Tax Filing

Easy. Accurate. On time. Free to BenefitMall clients.

BenefitMall’s payroll tax filing service keeps up with ever-changing payroll tax laws and regulations so that you don’t have to. And we will calculate, withhold, file, deposit and reconcile your payroll taxes – all at no additional charge. What’s more, our payroll tax service guarantees that your payroll taxes are accurate and on time – and if they aren’t, we assume responsibility, respond to the tax agencies and pay any associated penalties or interest payments*. 

Tax Filing Service Overview:

  • Calculates, reconciles, files and pays your payroll taxes
  • Withholds your payroll taxes on a per pay period basis
  • Serves as your agent in responding to federal, state and local agencies concerning your payroll taxes
  • Maintains US Treasury EFTPS federal tax deposit compliance
  • Provides electronic filing of federal, state, and local monthly, quarterly, and annual employment tax returns, including Washington state L & I
  • Provides electronic filing of W-2s and 1099s
  • Alerts to keep you current on payroll tax changes that may affect your business

How using BenefitMall’s payroll tax filing service reduces risk:

  • No more penalties associated with errors or accidental late filings
  • Helps you manage your cash flow with per pay period withholdings
  • Ensures compliance with ever-changing tax laws and regulations
  • Guaranteed accurate and on-time filing and deposits*

And the best part is the cost of our tax filing service is included in your BenefitMall payroll service

*Penalty-free tax service guaranteed as long as the original information and any updated changes are provided to BenefitMall accurately, on time and your tax account is fully funded.

Printing and distribution of W-2s are provided at an additional fee.

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