Value of a General Agency
As a General Agency, BenefitMall partners with more than 125 carriers nationwide.
Value of a Broker
BenefitMall highly recommends working with a benefits broker when searching for health insurance.
Value of a Payroll Service


"BenefitMall is a great payroll solution for a small business due to the big company perks, but the small company feel." - Jim Turnell, Legacy Print Group

"BenefitMall approached me with the understanding of what I needed as  small business owner in terms of resources and pricing." - Mary Sculley, The Exercise Coach

"It was the attention to detail, the personal relationship with our rep and the services that led us to choose and stay with BenefitMall" - Scott Polk, Lyles-DeGrazier Jewelers

"We are thankful that BenefitMall is another great player on our team. We are mot trying to be the accountant or payroll expert." - Jadrian Crowell, Legacy Chiropractic

"BenefitMall allowed for us to pick and choose how we want our payroll, additional products and benefit packages that suited us." - Helen Mitchell, Busivid

"The client services, access to support and our local office has been great. It offers us the tools and resource we need as nonprofit." - Courtney Slanaker, World Care


"I shouldn't have to worry about payroll taxes. You must surround yourself with strong people that do their thing. Like BenefitMall." - Bobby Williams, BOCONI


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