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2X Growth

"From a growth standpoint this is going to easily allow us to grow twice the rate that we have been..."

Chris Pilgrim
President, Peak Benefit Solutions

I have been a producer in this industry for 12 years now. Peak Benefit Solutions was born out of an environment where large brokers in Colorado are getting rid of entire blocks of small group business to make room for larger revenue business. Since then we've seen over and over service levels dropping for groups as large as 250 employees.

I started working with BenefitMall and Agency Workspace in January 2016 shortly just after starting my firm. I love Quote to Enroll. It simplifies enrollment and ensures applications are complete before submission. I also have been using CRQS for three and a half years now and that has helped me build a large block of business in a short period of time.

Overall, BenefitMall has been integral in my success over the last few years. My rep Mike Patchett is always there for me and goes above and beyond throughout the year. My client service team are there whenever I need help with client service. BenefitMall has been there for me since day one and their constant and never ending improvement model keeps me on the cutting edge of this industry.