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Stay up to date regarding legislative alerts, blogs, ACA guidance, webinars and more. 

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Your center for Healthcare Compliance news, analyses and resources on what will impact you and your clients the most. Stay up to date with trending legislative alerts, tailored analysis for brokers and educational training tools.

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ACA Hotline

Meet the challenges of healthcare compliance with FREE ACA Hotline from BenefitMall. Get answers from the experts about ACA, Benefit Plants, ERISA, Summary Plan Docs, FMLA and COBRA.

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Compliance Education

Dedicated resources are available to our brokers to ensure you to stay abreast of changing legislation through webinars, in-person seminars, resource guides and more.

BenefitMall’s Compliance Café

Welcome to BenefitMall's Compliance Café, where we serve up a hot cup of regulatory and legislative happenings to broker and their clients. Sit back with your favorite cup of joe and listen to BenefitMall's compliance team discuss federal and state legislation and how it affects brokers and their clients.

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allCompliance™ is the industry’s first centric self-guided PPACA educational reporting tool, specifically designed for the small to medium-sized business. Inviting and simple to use, allCompliance takes employers through decision support, ACA reporting and tracking, and data management. allCompliance helps your business stay compliant, complete and file your IRS forms on time and provide quick access to reports to back up your IRS filing.