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These products cover a variety of needs associated with traveling and living abroad. They include both short and long-term coverage for groups and individuals. These products are often used to cover employees residing outside of the U.S. or foreign employees working in the U.S. Individual products may also be purchased by those looking for coverage while traveling for business or vacationing outside of the U.S.

Both types of coverage can provide benefits such as emergency evacuation and reunion, assistance with language and currency exchange, as well as other services that a domestic carrier would have difficulty providing.

Trip cancellation insurance is also available under the HTH brand.

GeoBlue Travel Medical Insurance

Formerly, HTH Worldwide (The HTH brand still operates in some states, such as Texas as product is transitioned to the BLUE), GeoBlue is a specialty insurer and leader in helping world travelers gain access to quality healthcare services all around the globe. GeoBlue combines a contracted global community of physicians and hospitals, advanced Internet applications, and wide experience in international health insurance to ensure customers' health, safety and peace of mind. GeoBlue is the official international travel medical product for short and long term products for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

Each year hundreds of thousands of leisure and business travelers as well as international students and scholars protect themselves and their families with GeoBlue. Members enjoy access to an elite community of contracted physicians in more than 190 countries, online physician profiles, medication databases, interactive translation guides for brand name pharmaceuticals and common medical terms and phrases, featured articles on dozens of travel-health topics and up-to-date health and security news. GeoBlue administers its insurance programs and provides exceptional service via its online tools and24/7 toll-free multilingual customer support.


  • Xplorer health plans for individuals relocating abroad or leading an international lifestyle
  • Voyageur single trip from 1 to 180 days abroad and Trekker multi-trip for unlimited trips annually under 70 days per trip
  • Student, Missionary and Crew Navigator health insurance designed for both domestic and international needs for these client bases 

All GeoBlue and HTH plans are underwritten by U.S. admitted insurers, including 4 EVER LIFE insurance company and Virginia Surrety Insurance Company. Both companies are rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

The first step to selling with GeoBlue is to complete the Agent Sign Up: Click Here.

After registering, you will receive a unique personalized web link that tracks online sales via your agent account. These links can be added to your website or emailed to customers. These links will point to the individual product web site located at www.geobluetravelinsurance.com. You will also get issued a broker number needed for all group applications.

For further product support, contact GeoBlue at 610-254-8753, study them at www.geobluetravelinsurance.com or contact your Sales Representative.

Additional Medical & Non-Medical Products

  • International