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A P.O.P. Plan provides for tax-exempt treatment of employee premium contributions to certain employer-sponsored group benefit plans. These types of plans include medical, dental, vision, disability and term life. Because employees pay their premiums with “before-tax” dollars, their take-home pay is – in effect – increased. And because taxable payroll is reduced, the employer pays less in related taxes.

Premium Only Plans were created through Section 125 of the IRS Code; because of this, they are sometimes referred to as “Section 125.” Implementation is easy and administration is minimal.

Should you recommend a P.O.P. Plan to your clients?

  • YES, if your client requires their employees to pay all or a portion of premium payments.
  • YES, if your clients want a simple solution to rising benefit costs.
  • YES, if you are always looking for new ways to better serve your client.

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