Out Now: The Latest Data on Payroll Salaries and the Profession

December 6th, 2019

The American Payroll Association has just released its 2019 Survey of Salaries and The Payroll Profession, which offers a comprehensive inside look at payroll departments across the U.S.

The survey polled thousands of APA-member payroll professionals from across the country on topics ranging from staffing and salaries to payment practices, payroll processes and functions, and more.

Brandy Gaskins, Assistant Manager of Public Relations for the American Payroll Association, noted a few surprising facts revealed by this year’s survey:

  • An increased salary gap between those with a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) designation vs. non-certified professionals (page 17)
  • A significant jump in the average percentage of pay statements delivered by self-service posting (page 36)
  • The percentage of respondents who stated their payroll was processed all in-house was the lowest since 2015 (page 55)
  • A significant increase in participants who indicated they have at least one employee in their payroll department who is a Certified Payroll Professional (page 30)
  • The top five countries payroll paying foreign employees has remained the same since 2015: Canada, the United Kingdom, China, Germany, and Mexico (page 44).

The detailed survey results are easy to read and simple to reference, with results cross-tabulated by Forms W-2, as well as by geographic region. This valuable resource includes insights on:

  • Current salary ranges for various positions
  • Trends in the payroll industry
  • Organizational characteristics and structure
  • What your peers are using to process and deliver payroll

APA members can download a copy of the survey e-book now at no cost