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ADP TotalSource Informational Meeting

Benefits Meeting

March 01, 2022 • Eastern

Location: Online

Join us for a meeting with ADP TotalSource. Check out the agenda below! 

  • Introduction
    • What is ADP TotalSource?
    • How is ADP TotalSource different from other PEO’s in the marketplace?
    • How is it a difference experience working with ADP TotalSource as a broker?
  • How does ADP Service it’s clients and brokers?
    • Premium pricing available to your clients that is only available through BenefitMall partnership
    • Full suite of medical plans available with national carriers – UCR on PPO Plans
    • Dedicated service contacts (HR, Payroll, Risk & Safety) for your client’s account
    • Review renewals with BenefitMall prior to the client receiving. This keeps you involved in the process from start to finish.
    • By partnering with BenefitMall, you get VIP service from our team for any questions, concerns, or issues.
  • What you may not know about what ADP TotalSource offers:
    • For certain groups, you're able to get a per check fee instead of a percentage of payroll
    • Service and implementation contacts that specifically service broker clients

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