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Extensis Meeting

Benefits Meeting

March 29, 2022 • Eastern

Location: Online

Give your clients an easier way to run their business through the simple and easy Extensis platform. In this meeting, you’ll learn more about Extensis simple software and expert support for benefits, HR and compliance. You’ll also see how beneficial it is to become a Extensis broker partner. Check out the agenda below and register today!

  • Introduction
    • What is Extensis?
    • How is Extensis different from other PEO’s in the marketplace?
    • How is it a difference experience working with Extensis as a broker?
  • How does Extensis Service it’s clients and brokers?
    • Premium pricing available to your clients that is only available through BenefitMall partnership
    • Full suite of medical plans available with national carriers – UCR on PPO Plans
    • Dedicated service contacts for your client’s account
    • Review renewals with BenefitMall prior to the client receiving. This keeps you involved in the process from start to finish.
    • By partnering with BenefitMall, you get VIP service from our team for any questions, concerns, or issues.
  • What you may not know about what Extensis offers:
    • Customer Service - Dedicated Account Management, HR Consulting and Support, 24/7 Support
    • Benefits - Medical, Dental, Vision
    • Pricing
    • Additional Benefits - Ancillary, Retirement, Additional Perks
    • Broker Program - Why Partner with us, Submitting Referrals, Sales Process, Broker Payout

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