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2023 Prominence Health Medicare Product Rollout (Florida)

Benefits Meeting

October 06, 2022 • Eastern

Location: Online

Join BenefitMall and Prominence Health for a webinar to discuss Florida Palm Beach 2023 product rollout for Medicare, with Staci Martin, regional broker manager, as guest speaker. Topics will include:

  • $0 plan premium and deductible
  • $0 copay to see a PCP ($10 copay to see a specialist)
  • $0 for hospital admissions (all PB County hospitals are in network)
  • $0 outpatient and ambulatory surgical center copays
  • $2000/$4000 in dental coverage (HMO or DSNP)
  • Vision, Hearing, Silver&Fit
  • OTC benefit PLUS healthy food benefit for HMO ($85 combined) and DSNP ($125 combined)
  • Complimentary transportation including grocery and pharmacy trips
  • Extremely involved Care Coordination Team handling post-acute care with members
  • Huge network – over 400 PCPs and 2,000 specialists
  • Owned by Universal Health Services – same parent company as Wellington Regional Medical Center
  • HRA Broker bonus for all DSNP $150

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