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Marketing for Growth at Every Agency Stage

marketing for growth

July 6, 2023

Published by ALM | BenefitsPRO

Whether you’re just getting started, actively growing your book of business, or maintaining a mature portfolio, a strong marketing strategy can help you achieve your goals.

As important as benefits are to hiring and retention, it would seem that selling them should be easy. But every broker knows this is not true. Selling benefits is one of the hardest things to do in the insurance business.

The most critical aspect of your job as a broker is to introduce companies to products that benefit them and their employees. But with this responsibility as your main focus, how do you find new clients, develop leads into customers, or increase your revenue to support a growing business?

Strategizing your marketing to meet the changing needs of your agency can drive more success than you might imagine.

If you are just getting started or actively growing the number of groups in your book of business, don’t overlook the basics.

When you begin to hit your stride and have built a solid business filled with strong client partnerships, there are many other marketing strategies that can help you retain and grow your business simultaneously.

As your book of business matures, it’s time to pursue new avenues of growth. As you get to know your clients better, you have opportunities to introduce new product lines, explore product innovation in your portfolio, and engage with your clients in new ways. But how do you know the best approach for so many different clients? It’s time to let your years of data work for you, and your clients. You can use it to measure your sales efforts, such as how often you close deals and how effective your marketing efforts are.

When you’re able to access, analyze, and action the right data, you can grow your business and increase sales!