Veena Yelamanchili

Senior Vice President, Service

Veena Yelamanchili (540x700)
Veena Yelamanchili (540x700)

Veena Yelamanchili joined BenefitMall in 2018 and is now serving as Senior Vice President of Service. She manages and oversees the complete life cycle experience of Broker and Group segments to provide a customer-centric service organization.

Prior to joining BenefitMall, Yelamanchili led multiple operations teams at Capital One Financial Services. She has a proven track record of delivering on initiatives ranging from organizational transformations to new market launches. With a comprehensive service and technology background over 17 years, Yelamanchili provides strategic and creative approaches toward sound business results and profitability.

Yelamanchili received her bachelor of science degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the JNTU College of Engineering in India. She earned her master’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. A Lean/Six Sigma practitioner, she holds Executive leadership certification from Darden School of Business and owns a patent for her contributions to Dispute resolution system design in Financial services.

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