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Client Ready Quote System®

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CRQS offers small group custom quotes to help you match the right product with your client.

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Quoting Made Easy

Simply create benefits quotes and proposal(s) for your small group with Client Ready Quote System (CRQS). CRQS eliminates complexity, and offers leading technology and robust Carrier content.

With a comprehensive quoting engine, the application and proposal process is highly efficient and allows for a more personalized, focused relationship with your client. 


CRQS always has the latest rates from our Top Carrier partners in each market. Instantly find plans, filter by plan type, Carrier, premium, contribution type, metal level and more.


From quotes to proposals, CRQS provides various opportunities for you to modify your census, plan comparisons, and employer contributions models to help you and your clients review and select benefit options for the upcoming enrollment period.


From an easy-to-use dashboard that allows for fast and efficient navigation to our Client Ready Census (CRC), brokers can quickly and easily prepare quotes and proposals in minutes.

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Create custom quotes for small groups, both age-related and composite rate types.


Manage favorite plans and easily access Market Favorites, or the most frequently sold plans in your market.


Instantly find plans and filter by plan type, premium, contribution type and more.


Enhance proposals with custom branding and content options. Include census summaries, plan comparisons, employer contributions and more.

Offline Plan Analyzer

Easily analyze and adjust available benefit plans for an easy side-by-side comparison all without being connected to the internet.


Manually enter or import your census with any Excel spreadsheet or use Client Ready Census to manage your clients census for quoting.

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Client Ready Census™

Client Ready Census (CRC), the insurance industry's leading online data collection tool for brokers and their clients, allows your clients and their employees to access and complete their demographic data. Once complete, you can swiftly upload your quote in CRQS, which improves accuracy and speed.

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Benefits Administration

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Simple. Seamless. Secure.

Agency Workspace digitalizes the entire quote to enroll experience, allowing you to manage your clients in one secure location.

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