Online Enrollment

Simple. Seamless. Secure.

Quote, consult with your client to select plans and enroll online—all in one place.

Enroll From Anywhere

BenefitMall’s Online Enrollment is far from ordinary. By providing a seamless online experience through Agency Workspace, we can automatically import your quote’s census, plan data, rates and more right into Online Enrollment. Gone are the days of duplicate data entry. Going digital ensures your enrollments process faster and are more accurate. Plus, Online Enrollment is available from any device.


Broker Dashboard: 360 Degree View

Agency Workspace gives brokers a 360 degree view into the quoting and enrollment experience—ensuring transparent service and accurate and timely plan submissions to insurance Carriers.

Comprehensive overview to track your client’s benefits elections, manage the group’s census and review plans for various lines of coverage. Digitally elect benefits for medical, dental, vision, voluntary plans and more.


Employee Elections

All-encompassing view of plan rates, benefits and plan summary documents, plus the ability to view employer contributions and elect or waive coverage for your client’s employees and their dependents. Receive notifications as employees complete elections and send reminders to ensure elections are made on time.


Benefit Summary Review

Insight into total payments per pay period for each employee and visual reports to view employee and dependent elections by line of coverage.

Benefits Administration

Employee Navigator + Ease | EmployerFocus


Simple. Seamless. Secure.

Agency Workspace digitalizes the entire quote to enroll experience, allowing you to manage your clients in one secure location.

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