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Workplace Marketing focuses on the sale of voluntary and supplemental benefits to employees through their employer. Similar to insurance purchased through traditional methods, insurance purchased through the workplace is typically individually owned and portable. In addition, it is usually easier to apply for with no medical exams and limited medical questions to answer on the application.

Employers can continue to offer options for their employees in an age when the portion that they pay for non-medical benefits is shrinking. They get credit for offering a wide variety of products, even though they are not paying for all of them. 
Employees prefer to purchase their voluntary benefits at their workplace - due to convenience, lower cost, ease of qualifying, and comprehensiveness of coverage. 
Brokers can provide the avenue for such benefits, rather than leave that option open for other sales representatives calling on their groups. If it’s their referral, they will be paid for it. 
BenefitMall chose to collaborate with Allstate Workplace Division because they are one of the largest carriers in the field, they have an "A" AM Best rating, and they always recognize the broker as the "owner" of each case.

By partnering with Allstate Workplace Division you get:

  • Support from 30 regional offices staffed by over 160 sales professionals
  • Sales/enrollment support from experienced, independent specialists
  • Electronic enrollment of core and voluntary benefits at no cost
  • Benefit statements at no cost
  • Immediate vesting
  • Recognition that you own each workplace account
  • Access to the Allstate Workplace Division agent website to manage your  cases including commission statements, policy information, billing status, claims, etc.

Allstate Workplace Division is the marketing name for American Heritage Life Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Allstate Corporation. All products are underwritten by American Heritage Life Insurance Company.

These products are individually owned by the employee, paid for by the employee through payroll deduction, completely portable at the same premium and not subject to COBRA. 
Critical Illness
With the advancements in medical technology and treatment, people are living longer and once-deadly diseases are being controlled and cured. That’s the great news! However, there are expenses associated with a critical illness that may not be covered by medical insurance including: lost income, child-care, travel expenses, prescription drugs, mortgage payments, and home health care. 
Universal Life
Industry estimates that over 50% of employees have no life insurance other than their group term life insurance provided at work. Unfortunately, only 13% of all death claims are paid from group term life coverage and only 1% of group term life is ever converted because of the high cost to convert. 
Disability Income
At any given time, approximately 10-15% of the total American population is disabled. If your clients’ employees are like the rest of us, they probably don’t have much cushion for the unexpected disability. 
Hospital Indemnity
Health insurance helps pay the costs of medical treatments, but most plans offered today don’t pay all of the costs required for an extended stay in the hospital. 
Accident Insurance
An accident can wreak havoc on an employee’s savings if they are not prepared. Accident insurance gives an employee a cushion to help cover medical expenses and living costs if they get hurt unexpectedly. On average there are 11 unintentional-injury deaths and about 2,340 disabling injuries every hour during the course of a year.
Cancer Insurance
According to the American Cancer Society, 1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 3 women will get cancer during their lifetime, and for every $1,000 of costs associated with cancer, $667 are non-medical in nature and not covered by health insurance.
How to Quote
Contact your BenefitMall Sales Representative who will introduce you to the local Allstate Workplace Division Sales Manager.  They will strategize with you regarding your prospect, the viability of workplace solutions, and how to approach the clients. They will also help you present the solution to your client and coordinate the enrollment process. 
For further support contact your local Allstate Workplace Division Office, or your BenefitMall Sales Representative.



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