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An HR outsourcing firm is designed specifically to meet the needs of most employers. Most businesses view Human Resource outsourcing as a strategic tool that relieves the employer of HR responsibilities and enables the company to concentrate on its core business activities. By providing the employer with skilled professionals who are focused specifically on HR, an employer can help reduce and manage operating costs and improve employee relations.

The basic services offered by Human Resources outsourcing firms may include:

  • Overseeing organizational structure and staffing requirements
  • Recruiting, training, and development
  • Tracking department objectives, goals, and strategies
  • Employee and manager training
  • Benefits administration
  • Employee orientation programs


AlphaStaff Group, Inc., a human resource outsourcing company, offers flexible employer solutions that control costs, address key compliance issues, and provide legal liability protection, while delivering world-class benefits to approximately 50,000 employees across the nation. Through a complete portfolio of products and services, via co-employment, AlphaStaff focuses on HR and technology integration, with payroll, benefits, tax, accounting, and risk management for small and mid-size companies. 

As a business process outsourcer, AlphaStaff provides a diverse range of human resources products, services and functions including integrated payroll, benefits, and human resource management. 

AlphaStaff specializes in tailoring a combination of solutions that in concert produce the greatest value to our clients. For one client, the best fit may be a payroll processing, benefits, and tax reporting solution that reduces the administrative burden on their staff. For another, a comprehensive human resource compliance strategy that requires outside expertise and liability management may be of more value. By providing a flexible solution, AlphaStaff can more easily maximize the value of an outsourcing relationship.   

AlphaStaff's approach and comprehensive suite of services has established the benchmark for true human resources business process outsourcing.   


Businesses with 20 - 2,000 employees are eligible for services such as: 

Human Resources

  • Needs Assessments
  • Forms Review & Revision
  • Position Descriptions/Postings (Cost of posting is passing through)
  • Analysis of Current Recruitment Practices 
  • Verifications of Employment
  • Enrollment/Documentation for New Hires
  • Compliant Employee Personnel Files
  • Creation/Revision of Employee Handbook/HR Reference Guide
  • Employment Issues Counseling/Consultation
  • Unemployment Claims Administration
  • Internal Investigations
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • EEOC Claim Handling and Mediation Assistance
  • EEO1 Report Preparation
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
  • Reduction in Force (RIF) Assistance (3 hours included)
  • Bulletin Board Review/Compliance Postings
  • Baseline Compliance Audit
  • Comprehensive HR Compliance and Best Practice Audit/Report/Recommendations
  • Governmental Inquiries and Investigation Assistance
  • Full suite of management training courses
  • Web-based HR Technology
  • Hiring Assistance Labor Law
  • Compliance Management 

Payroll Administration

  • Net Check/Manual Check Processing
  • Loan Tracking
  • Automated Payroll Training
  • Employee Self Service via Web
  • Paper & Electronic Reporting
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) Tracking
  • W2 processing (Mail Distribution for Employees and Electronic Distribution for Employer)
  • Time Clock Implementation and Integration GL Integration
  • Deduct and Credit Service on Benefits
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Garnishment Administration
  • Direct Deposit Administration
  • FedEx Overnight Priority Delivery for Payrolls 

Risk Management & Safety

  • Claims Management Services (Reviews/Training) – RTW Programs
  • Analysis Services (Reserve/Loss Development/Workers’ Compensation Mod Worksheet and W/C Class CodeCorrective Analysis)
  • Loss Control Safety Services

What does AlphaStaff offer agents?

  • $150 commission per year for Full Time Employees working at least 32 hours per wee
  • $75 commission per year for Part Time Employees working at least 16, but less than 32 hours per week
  • 100% vested & paid monthly
  • Experienced professionals to conduct all aspects of the sale and deliver 100% of the client servicing
  • AlphaStaff accepts no Broker of Record (BOR) Letters, so commissions are yours in perpetuity
  • PLUS AlphaStaff contractually agrees to never market any insurance  products to your clients without the broker’s authorization

For further information, reach out to AlphaStaff 1-888-335-9545, or contact your BenefitMall Sales Representative.

Additional Medical & Non-Medical Products

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