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At APL, you’re not just any broker. You’re a broker partner. We provide you one point of contact, so you’ll never wait on hold. And our dedicated team is available to help with anything – from quoting new groups to securing group renewals, even administrative assistance and training.

 Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity, MEDlink® Gap, Short Term Disability and Life

 Our full portfolio of flexible workforce benefits and supplemental health insurance equip you with customized solutions for organizations of any size, in almost any industry, across the country.

 APL is an “A+ Superior” rated1 company providing supplemental insurance and workforce benefits to policyholders throughout the country through a network of independent brokers. At the core of APL are the values our company was built on and a foundation of service. It’s who we are and who we have been for nearly eight decades.

 Accident Insurance 

Choose from Accident Medical Expense (AME) that covers actual charges or Traditional Indemnity plans. 

Traditional Indemnity Plan Offers:

  • Organized Sports Benefit Booster applies to children and adults
  • Telemedicine Benefit
  • Extended Treatment Benefit covers Chiropractic Therapy, Acupuncture Therapy and Mental Health Services
  • Injury Free Benefit – 3 (or 5) years without a claim qualifies the insured for a benefit payout
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Benefit
  • Prescription Drugs Benefit
  • Gunshot Wound Benefit

 Cancer Insurance 

Choose the benefits and amounts to create a completely customized plan that meets the individual needs of your groups. Common benefits may include

  • First occurrence for internal cancer
  • Chemotherapy and radiation
  • Experimental treatment
  • Surgery

Less common benefits available

  • Family transportation and lodging
  • Hairpiece benefit
  • Outpatient nursing services
  • First occurrence for heart attack or stroke

 Critical Illness Insurance

Choose from over 60 critical illness conditions with ultimate flexibility. Also choose from:

  • Treatment benefits including hospital confinement, hospice, ambulance, second opinion and repatriation resulting from a covered critical illness 
  • Non-local transportation and lodging 
  • Infectious Disease Diagnosis Benefit
  • Wellness Benefits including health screening, mammography, vaccine and family caregiver benefit
  • Additional benefits including genetic testing, mental health and will preparation
  • Automatic Increase Feature - benefits increase each year without a claim (up to 10 years) by 5-25%
  • No lifetime limit

 Hospital Indemnity Insurance 

Start with a Hospital Admission benefit then choose from a wide variety of additional inpatient and outpatient benefits. Add as much or as little as you want by selecting the days and dollar amounts for each benefit

  • HSA-compatible plans or use without an HSA

 Choose from:

  • Hospital benefits including hospital confinement, intensive care unit admission, intensive care unit confinement, rehabilitation and ambulance
  • Outpatient benefits including diagnostic testing, routine health screening, emergency room, urgent care facility, physician’s office, prescription drugs and physical, speech or occupational therapy
  • Inpatient and outpatient surgical benefits including preventative elective surgery (prophylactic cancer surgery for those with a genetic disposition or family history of cancer)
  • Optional critical illness rider

 APL MEDlink® Gap Insurance 

MEDlink® is a true gap plan, not just a regular hospital indemnity or accident plan referred to as a “gap” plan. Our gap insurance is customizable to align with the underlying major medical out-of-pocket expenses.

APL’s MEDlink® Gap insurance provides:

  • Opportunities to explore additional major medical options
  • Combined or separate benefit buckets
  • Outpatient benefits up to 100% of the inpatient amount
  • ID cards for insureds – benefits can easily be assigned to the provider
  • No-deductible plans
  • No pre-existing limitations
  • Help for out-of-pocket medical expenses
  • HSA Compatible plan designs
  • May be used with ICHRA programs

 Short-Term Disability Insurance

Unlike some short-term disability plans, APL lets you create a 2-year plan for expanded coverage. Or choose from numerous short-term benefit duration options and elimination periods to help protect employees’ paychecks. Employees select their benefit amount based on their allowed maximum, to help fit their needs and budgets. Plus, APL Short-Term Disability offers

  • Rates based on Age at Entry and do not increase with attained age
  • Takeover/Continuity of Coverage
  • Incredible flexibility - benefits can be included/excluded including Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity riders
  • Filed to use with employer groups, associations and unions

 Portable Group Term Life Insurance

Choose from a variety of options giving employees the flexibility they need to fit their way of life and help protect their financial future.

  • 10-, 20- and 30-year term options
  • May offer all three terms
  • Spouse and child(ren) coverage available
  •  Level rates throughout the life of the term
  •  Portable for the length of the term and survives the master contract

For more information on how you can work with APL, please reach out to your local BenefitMall Sales Representative.


Some policies provide limited benefits. Underwritten by American Public Life Insurance Company. Products may contain limitations, exclusions and waiting periods. For complete benefits and other provisions, please refer to the policy/certificate/rider. All benefits may not be available in all states, some do not replace Workers’ Compensation Insurance and are inappropriate for people who are eligible for Medicaid coverage.

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Additional Medical & Non-Medical Products

  • Limited Medical
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