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The federal government has multiple laws affecting the way employers and individuals access and pay for benefits. Their complexity and continual modification make outsourcing the administration of these services a simple decision

Tax-Qualified Plans

Legislation allows the use of pre-tax dollars by employers and employees to fund benefits. Groups that maximize their use of such tools see significant savings and bring significant additional benefits to their employees. Sometimes, the benefits to the employees are savings, too.

Health Savings Accounts

HSAs are based on a simple idea: increase a client’s deductible, save the difference in premium in a tax-free account, and let the client use the account to pay their healthcare expenses or else save for the future. It is believed that clients will start taking more responsibility for the budgeting and decision-making of their healthcare.

Selling an HSA involves two important components:

  • A government-qualified “High Deductible Health Plan”, and
  • An account for the savings funds 

When you sell an HSA-qualified medical policy, your client has the option of what Administrator they use to coordinate the pre-tax funds. Instead of just letting your clients sign up with whichever company the carrier refers them to, you can direct those clients to The Choice Care Card. Ensure that they will be well taken care of. You will be able to better serve your clients if all/most of them are with a common Administrator. Plus, has flexible plan choices – most of which earn commissions for you.


The Choice Care Card™, LLC is widely recognized as a leader in healthcare plan administration – and for good reason. As the first debit-card based HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement) administrator in the country, we were first to show employers how dramatically and permanently they could cut their healthcare costs – while caring more about their employees.

In fact, you can save up to 25% off your company’s healthcare bill – which makes your company healthier, too.

Thanks to our philosophy of non-stop enhancement when it comes to our methods, processes, and protocols, The Choice Care Card™ continues to outperform others in the industry. It is our goal and mission to perfect the level of service we provide to our employer clients, member participants, and broker partners.


The Choice Care Card™ is a unique, freestanding program that works with any health care plan – small group or large, fully insured or self-funded. Primarily distributed through general agents and retail insurance brokers, The Choice Care Card™ seamlessly works with dozens of health plans nationwide. In addition to debit card HRAs, we manage FSAs (Flexible Spending Accounts), DCAP (Dependent Care Assistance Plans), and even Transit and Parking plans – all on one flex debit card.

The Choice Care Card™—“Intelligent” Cards for Healthcare

The Choice Care Card™ is a special use MasterCard debit card given to each employee and funded by his or her employer with a predetermined amount of money. Employees then use The Choice Care Card™ to cover out-of-pocket health-care-related expenses.  

In addition to this coverage, employees are covered through an employer-sponsored higher-deductible plan or a higher co-pay health care plan – plans much less expensive than common first-dollar coverage plans. In fact, the employer uses the premium savings from the higher-deductible or co-pay plan to fund The Choice Care Card™.

The Choice Care Card™ works with any insurance plan - small group or large, fully insured or self-insured – at the discretion of the employer.

Employees use The Choice Care Card™ to cover medical expenses, such as office visits and prescription co-pays. For employees who may not need medical care (due to a spouse whose plan may cover the entire family, for example), the employer may allow employees to use this HRA debit card for dental, vision care, or alternative treatment, such as acupuncture or chiropractic care.

What’s more, the employer may choose to allow some or all of the unspent money to roll over from year to year.

Employees may also supplement their Choice Care Card™ account by contributing additional monies through pre-tax payroll contributions. These funds are used in accordance with flexible spending account guidelines.

For more information please contact The Choice Care Card at
1-888-278-2555 or contact your local BenefitMall Sales Representative.

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