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Specializing in Wrap Plan Documents, SPDs, Simple Cafeteria Plans, and 5500 Filings 

ERISAPros, LLC is an industry-leading professional services firm located in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in developing ERISA Wrap Welfare Benefit Plans. Our system of preparing Plan Documents, SPD wrappers, and Form 5500s is based on industry best practices.

At ERISAPros, we are your go-to-specialists for ERISA compliance services and documents for health & welfare benefit plans. It is critical that employers be in compliance and we know what questions to ask, what documents you need, and exactly how to prepare them to fit your company’s needs.

We make ERISA compliance simple and affordable

Our Technology

We have developed a world class, web-based solution that allows an employer or broker to input the information into the system and create documents for download in a matter of minutes. This solution, Wrap–Tight®, compliments our consultative solutions and is targeted toward smaller, less complex clients.

In addition, we use sophisticated tools to track customer opportunities, customer data and distribute documents in a format to comply with the DOL safe-harbor requirements.

We Save You Money

Avoiding DOL Penalties 

Reducing Litigation, Jury Trials & Punitive Damages.

Reducing Costs

ERISAPros’ compliance and document solutions allows employers to save money by adopting a single wrap plan that covers all of their benefit plans. 

ERISAPros‘ plans are affordable, and, more importantly, they cost a fraction of what you might pay if your plans are found to be out of compliance.

We Help you Comply

At ERISAPros we are at the forefront of where compliance and technology meet.

We help you stay in compliance by contacting you every year to check for changes that could affect your compliance.

The Law Could Change

Documents Need to Change as Situations Change

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