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WHAT is freshbenies?

freshbenies gives your clients practical tools to control healthcare (and more)…in one easy membership.

HOW does freshbenies help your clients control healthcare?

  • provides virtual access to multiple healthcare experts
  • helps employee families save hundreds to thousands on out of pocket costs
  • drives market-leading utilization - which means it saves more than it costs

Whether you sell large groups, small groups, self-funded or fully insured, freshbenies is a strategic part of a total benefits package. Plus, it’s available for full-time, part-time and insured or uninsured as well as individuals.

HOW does a family benefit by using freshbenies?

Click here for a fun video explaining the services (you can use these to sell the idea, too).

WHEN do I sell freshbenies?

  • Do your self-funded groups need to reduce Loss Ratio?
  • Do your fully-insured groups need strategies to help with the significant changes that are necessary due to strained budgets (i.e. raise deductibles, change copay/coinsurance, cut vision/dental)?
  • Are your clients moving to higher-deductible health plans?
  • What will you sell groups to retain and attract employees if they have to drop below 30 hours/week to avoid paying for medical insurance?
  • Click here for a top selling strategy used by brokers around the country

WHAT packages are available?

freshbenies offers a variety of package options with a mix of Advocacy, Telehealth, Behavioral Telehealth and Savings Networks at competitive prices. Click here for a freshbenies overview and here for a pricing chart. ADVANTAGE packages specifically serve groups of 200+. PREMIUM packages serve groups of any size

Networks. Click here for a flyer with package and pricing details.

What are the NEXT STEPS? 

Make time to discuss freshbenies with your BenefitMall representative, or click here for a freshbenies expert. 

Additional Medical & Non-Medical Products

  • Discount
  • EAP/Telehealth/Wellness
  • HR Solutions
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