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The healthcare industry is complicated. What’s worse is the emotional, financial and health issues that an individual must deal with at the same time they need to interact with their insurance companies. This is often when brokers are called in to help. Companies are going to fill this unique need of supporting people, regardless of which insurance company they are utilizing. 


No matter what your needs, Health Advocate has the right experts and solutions to save time and money, increase productivity and maximize benefits.


Meeting your every healthcare need is our business. We leverage our broad-based experience in navigating healthcare to bring you a spectrum of solutions that get results. Starting with Health Advocacy and adding one or more of our fully integrated solutions means your employees have unlimited access to personalized healthcare and complete support.


Our Personal Health Advocates, typically registered nurses supported by medical directors, benefits and claims specialists, work on an employee’s behalf to resolve a range of clinical, administrative and insurance-related issues that can overburden employees, your HR staff and brokers. Personal Health Advocates remain with the employee or member until the issue is resolved. They are also available to assist the employee, their spouse, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law in the following areas:

  • Clinical Support. Finds doctors; obtains second opinions; researches treatments; schedules appointments with specialists 
  • Administrative Support. Helps resolve insurance claims; correct billing mistakes; provide healthcare estimates; negotiate billing and payment arrangements; navigate within an insurance company 
  • Healthcare Coaching. Prepares employees for doctor visits; informs about medical tests and treatments; explains complex conditions 
  • Information and Resource Support. Assists with eldercare; Medicare issues; explains benefits; researches transportation 
  • Health Cost Estimator. Our pricing transparency tool provides employees with accurate cost estimates and hospital safety scores for medical procedures in their area. This gives your employees the information they need to be true "healthcare consumers." Health Cost Estimator can be accessed by calling Health Advocate, through the member website, or by downloading the free Health Cost Estimator app from iTunes or Google Play.
  • Help for Seniors. Assists with transitioning to Medicare; locates assisted living and eldercare services


Access to Health Advocacy, Wellness Coaching, EAP+Work/Life, Nurseline, Chronic Care Solutions, Personalized Health Communications, and more in one fully integrated solution. EmpoweredHealth is available to self-insured groups over 250 lives only.

Wellness Coaching 

Comprehensive, convenient program designed to help employees improve and maintain their health through personalized coaching. The service includes unlimited wellness coaching, an online Health Risk Assessment, interactive wellness programs, a comprehensive wellness website, management reports, medical decision support, and more.

EAP+Work/Life™ Program

EAP professionals provide short-term counseling and resource support for personal, family and work/life issues, as well as assist HR staff with sensitive issues.

Medical Bill Saver

Offers employees financial relief through bill negotiation on balance bills resulting from claims on non-covered, out-of-network services, or when an employee hits a benefit maximum.

MedChoice™ Support

This interactive, online tool helps employees make cost-effective decisions and understand their options about medical care.


24/7 unlimited access to registered nurses for advice on non-urgent medical conditions, referral and self-care information.

Health Information Dashboard

Created for each employee, the Health Information Dashboard spotlights overdue health screenings and tests, highlights provider contact information, provides health tips, easily identifies areas for improvement and leverages teachable moments for better health outcomes.

Biometric Screening™ 

Nationwide program offers a full range of onsite health screening options and immunizations. 

Tobacco Cessation™ 

A 12-week program that helps employees become, and stay, tobacco-free.


Health Advocate provides a comprehensive, turnkey communications package to promote employee awareness and utilization of our services.




The rates for Health Advocate are based on a per employee per month (PEPM) basis:

  • Health Advocacy
  • Wellness Coaching
  • EAP+Work/Life Program
  • Medchoice Support & Medical Bill Saver

If you are interested in additional solutions not listed or for more information, please contact your BenefitMall Sales Representative. 

Additional Medical & Non-Medical Products

  • EAP/Telehealth/Wellness
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