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TrueChoice® - A health plan that gives employers savings and change to receive a refund.

HCH TrueChoice®  is a unique level-funded that was developed as a differentiator in the mid-market employer space, providing peace of mind, potential surplus return, and, most importantly, upfront savings through carefully designed, curated networks. Designed to fit the mid-market employer, this plan benefits employers with eligible employee lives of 51-500.

HCH TrueChoice®  is built around our flagship high-performance networks curated for quality through financial efficiency and improving patient health outcomes. HCH selectively limits hospital partners based on quality metrics related to patient safety, patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction —all at a significantly lower cost.

HCH TrueChoice® the basics.

Group Sizes: Employers with 51–500 eligible employees

Surplus: 50%* of the surplus is paid after a 6-month run-out period (must renew contract)

Stop Loss: Individual stop loss of $25k and higher

Aggregate Stop Loss: Maximum Cost Provided

Network: HCH Sync™ high-performance network

Broad Network Access: Available

Administrator: Allied National

TrueChoice® - Value-added benefits

Healthcare Highways offers member-focused services with HCH TrueChoice® , like comprehensive chronic kidney disease risk management and telehealth. We also ensure members are cared for outside the doctor’s office, with an exceptionally rated customer service team. We also provide human resources teams with the technology and tools—like a dedicated portal—to check member eligibility and claims.

About Healthcare Highways 

Healthcare Highways is a pioneer in creating high-performance networks that embrace innovation and align providers, employers, and employees. Healthcare Highways enables employers to declare independence from legacy health insurance carriers by reintroducing competition into the local market. Their network and health plan solutions work in concert to empower local employers, providers, and their communities by controlling rising healthcare costs and offering meaningful choice regarding quality care. For more information, please visit and connect with us on LinkedIn.

To learn more about Healthcare Highways TrueChoice®  level-funded product, please contact your BenefitMall Sales Team. Learn more at 

*Rating: Companion Life


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