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A History Of Innovation

Since our company’s inception in the basement of Fairview Southdale Hospital in 1982, our team at America’s PPO and HealthEZ has been pursuing founder Nazie Eftekhari’s vision of bringing independent, innovative, and intelligent healthcare services to our clients.

History of HealthEZ

1982 The nation’s first PPO is born in the basement of Fairview Southdale Hospital, Edina, MN

1983 Family Health Plan is operational; nation’s first medical management program introduced

1991 Family Health Plan joins The ETHIX Corporation, Portland, OR

1994 The Araz Group buys ETHIX Midwest

1997 HealthEZ’s medical payment service – EZPay – is created

1998 HealthEZ launched

2002 The Araz Group’s PPO Network is renamed America’s PPO

2006 HealthEZ moves to its new corporate headquarters — 7201 W 78th St, Bloomington, MN

2007 HealthEZ celebrates 25 years of service under the same ownership and management

2010 America’s TPA joins HealthEZ to form the NEW HealthEZ

2015 LivEZ wellbeing suite of services is introduced

2017 HealthEZ celebrates 35 years of service under the same ownership and management

2018 The Elite “high value” network launched 2020 Abry Partners, Boston, MA, joins HealthEZ 2021 HealthEZ introduces its robust member app

2021 HealthEZ celebrates its 40th Anniversary in October!!

A few of our "firsts"

America’s PPO was the first PPO in the nation; the term “PPO” was coined for our organization by Dr. Paul Ellwood, who also coined the term “HMO”. We were the first TPA to offer a proprietary PPO.

We were the first to offer medical management services, integrated with our TPA and PPO. This was known as the Value Assurance Plan.

HealthEZ was the first to pay insurance and consumer liability in a single transaction. We remain unique in this space today as the first and only transactional website.

Our simple consolidated statement replaced multiple explanations of benefit. Providers receive a consolidated payment statement with the detailed information they need.

We were the first to brand benefit communication materials, giving employers credit for what they offer. This branding includes building a custom, transactional website, custom phone number answered with their name by humans, and the employer’s logo on the statement and ID card.

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