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Teladoc Health is the global virtual care leader, offering the only comprehensive virtual care solution spanning telehealth, expert medical, and licensed platform services. Through our award-winning consumer experience brand - HealthiestYou - we help thousands of people resolve their healthcare needs with confidence.


HealthiestYou is a high-quality virtual care solution designed to serve the unique needs of small businesses and their employees.

The intuitive, easy-to-use platform makes finding what members are looking for a snap, whether they need to consult with a doctor, talk to a therapist, or compare local prices for a prescription. And HealthiestYou’s intelligent notifications combined with proven engagement strategies keep members in the know and help clients save money. By giving members a single access point to a comprehensive suite of innovative services and tools, members can quickly make informed decisions about who they see, where they go, and how much they should expect to pay—all from the palm of their hand.


HealthiestYou Complete Bundle – Includes Unlimited visits with a $0 copay


General Medical—Convenient, high-quality healthcare available 24/7 from U.S.board-certified doctors by phone or video. $0 Copay

Dermatology—U.S. board-certified dermatologists review images and provide a diagnosis and treatment plan. $0 Copay

Back Care—Customized back care programs with videos and access to certified health coaches. $0 Copay

Behavioral HealthCare—Members have access to licensed mental health professionals, with the option to receive ongoing care from a provider of their choice. $0 Copay

Expert Medical Services—In-depth reviews of existing diagnoses and treatment plans from the world’s leading experts. $0 Copay

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