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Creating Solutions to Meet Your Client’s Needs

HM’s Employer Stop Loss coverage can be tailored to satisfy the client’s level of risk tolerance. Our knowledgeable underwriting experts can help customize approaches for self-insured organizations. Utilizing a wide range of deductibles and contract periods, an innovative plan can be structured to satisfy specialized needs and to mitigate potential claim risk for employers.

HM works to build long-term relationships with select producers and TPAs. Through our producer and TPA relationships, we work with you to design coverage to satisfy your clients' unique needs.

Aggregating Specific
This feature provides clients with an option to reduce Stop Loss premiums by assuming more of the risk. There is a $150,000 minimum premium requirement.

Specific and Aggregate Terminal Liability
For clients converting to fully-insured coverage, this option extends Specific and/or Aggregate Stop Loss insurance for an additional three months following termination of policy. This option can be purchased at the initial effective date and/or at renewal.

Bridge Renewal
The Bridge Renewal option provides coverage for eligible claims that are paid outside the run-out period. Clients with a 12/15 or 12/18 Specific Stop Loss contract are eligible.

Two-Year Specific Rate Cap Option
HM’s two-year Specific Stop Loss rate option can help your clients better predict premium costs.

Limited Exclusion Contract
To streamline our Stop Loss policy, HM offers a limited exclusion contract. A plan document or SPD is required.

Monthly Aggregate Accommodation
Rather than submitting all claims at the end of the contract period, this option provides clients the opportunity to settle claims on an interim monthly basis and is designed to help your clients' cash flow. Advance Funding This administrative service option coordinates the timing of reimbursements to assist employers with financial challenge.

Providing Claim Services Designated to Deliver
HM’s trained and dedicated claims staff and managed care professionals utilize streamlined administrative processes to provide your clients with quick and efficient claim reimbursement.

  • E-claim and low documentation submission
  • Access to Centers of Excellence - OptumHealth/Interlink/MultiPlan
  • Out-of-network discount negotiation services
  • Subrogation recovery
  • Collaboration on unusual/questionable services

For more information on the Stop-Loss products offered by HM Insurance Group, please contact your BenefitMall Self-Funded Division Team.

*Coverage is underwritten by HM Life Insurance Company, Pittsburgh, PA, in all states except New York under policy form series HL601. In New York, coverage is underwritten by HM Life Insurance Company of New York, New York, NY, under policy form series HL601. In Pennsylvania, coverage may be underwritten by Highmark Casualty Insurance Company under policy form series HC601. The coverage requested may not be available in all states.



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